Shop Fitters London

Shop Fitters London

StanLil are Experienced Shop Fitters in London

The work of the retail shopfitter has never been more important. 18.1% of all retail sales now take place online, which poses a serious threat to the High Street. We know that online sales are popular because they’re easier, often cheaper, and offer more choice. So how can the High Street compete? First and foremost, it can offer shoppers an environment where they matter, where their comfort is important, and where shopping is a pleasurable social experience.

Retail Shop Fitters Create More Than a Shop

Shops may be made up of shelves, signage, partitions, flooring and windows. But the resulting environment should certainly amount to more than the sum of its parts. A successful retail environment combines 3 crucial characteristics:

  • A comfortable space to navigate for shoppers
  • Speaks of the value of the brands it represents
  • Demonstrates quality, craftsmanship, and design

Experienced shop fitters in London instinctively know how to create a spatial geography that will please customers. They are able to translate brand values into colours, fittings and features. And they take pride in their fit outs, ensuring that every job is high quality.

Working Creatively – to Tight Deadlines

Ideally retail shopfitters would work in empty premises, with plenty of time to create a beautifully crafted interior. As everyone working in retail knows only to well, however, time is money and empty shops mean lost profits. Shop fitters in London are usually working around customers, to tight deadlines. Retail shopfitters are a bit like chefs; they know that they work in impossible conditions, but that’s part of the challenge that they love.

Professional retail fit out contractors work with specialist project managers. These are the people that ensure the quality remains high, the scheduling delivers to the deadline, and the work comes in on budget. It’s their logistical expertise that allows teams of contractors to produce high quality craftsmanship despite the time pressure.

A Case Study – Store Fit Out In Sloane Street, London

StanLil was asked to create a high end interior for a London retail store with an exclusive clientele. We used a fusion of contemporary and vintage styles to craft a unique environment for an iconic brand.

The space was limited, so it was important to maximise its retail potential. A combination of elegant wall fixtures, and waist high shelving islands gives visitors the opportunity to browse a range of items, without feeling hemmed in.

Whilst the eye level interior is characterised by understated elegance, the ceiling space provided an excellent opportunity for an explosive exuberance. The spectacular chandelier forms a centrepiece for the shop, pulling together the retail components.

About StanLil Contractors

For over two decades now, StanLil Contractors has been providing high quality craftsmanship to tight deadlines. We’re veterans of the retail sector and we’ve assembled a team of skilled contractors and project managers who consistently deliver successful retail fit outs. Most important, we love the work we do, and our goal is always to walk away feeling proud of the work we’ve achieved.

Looking for experienced shop fitters in London? StanLil Contractors has over two decades’ experience in the retail sector.