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How To Know If Your Buildings Cladding Is Safe

The majority of buildings are designed to house and protect people and/or businesses. The majority do this extremely well, but like the contents or people, buildings need protecting too.
One element of a buildings external protection is its outer layer, it’s envelope you could say, and one product which is being used more and more to do this is cladding. Cladding is an addition to your facilities outer surfaces, protecting it from extreme weather, offering thermal insulation, and improving the building’s aesthetics.

Unfortunately, some building cladding can be incredibly hazardous, especially when it comes to fire. This is because some claddings are/were manufactured from combustible material that may aid in the spread of fires and cause a real threat to people’s safety.  This was seen before in instances such as the tragic Grenfell fire. If you own a building, it is wise to call your cladding contractors to inspect the property for safety reasons. Here are additional ways to ensure that your buildings cladding is safe:

Bring In, Or Discuss Your Cladding With An Expert Contractor

One great way to understand if your cladding is safe is by discussing your situation with a cladding contractor or inspection house. This way, you will be able to figure out what is currently installed, or due to be installed, along with discussing the alternative products and specifications for use on your building.

If there is dangerous cladding in place, then putting in a plan to replace with safer materials is a must, lowering the risk to all those working or living in the property.

Speak To Your Property Manager

If you are a tenant of a building, or reside in a block of residential apartments, you should know that you have the right to enquire about your building’s safety. One way to tell if your building’s cladding is safe is by speaking to the property manager.

If you are renting a space, your estate agent will provide the necessary contact information of your apartment or building’s property managers.

Review Local Government Regulations

If you have enough information about your building and the products and materials used to build it, it is best to review government legislations about structures and necessary risk assessments.

It is the landlord’s/freeholders responsibility to understand the government requirements. Understanding these and staying up to date will help you keep track of what is required to ensure building safety. You will need to carry out risk assessments and comply with your local government’s building, health, and fire safety regulations.

Many government organisations inspect and identify buildings that do not comply with safety standards and laws. You should always make sure that your building follows all necessary regulations to make sure that everyone is safe, and your business is protected.

Replace All Combustible Material

Not all claddings are safe and fire-resistant. When you speak to your inspectors or cladding contractors, discuss the type of material your building’s cladding has, and ask them to replace it with a non-combustible material for everyone’s safety.

Because of recent events, many homeowners and business owners are required by law to ensure their cladding is safe. Changes are being made across the UK by landlords and owners, many are still in the works but you must ensure that the cladding used has passed safety standards.


It is your responsibility to know if your building’s cladding ensures everybody’s safety, or if you are putting them at risk, even unintentionally. Working with a reputable cladding contractor will help you figure out the most effective materials to use in protecting your building, the tenants and your business. Full understanding of the materials and situation is crucial in ensuring safety.

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