Raised Access Flooring for London

StanLil Installs Raised Access Flooring for London

Raised Access Flooring • Wall Rendering • Suspended Ceilings  Partitioning • Dry Lining • Commercial Interiors • Render • Screeding • Retail Interiors

Take a walk through any modern office complex and it’s easy to forget that the electricity, data, and services on which the work of that office depends, has to be transported by hundreds of metres of cabling, all of which has to be managed and housed without creating a Health & Safety nightmare! The creation of hidden voids either in the suspended ceiling, or below the floor, provides an easily accessible space to house unwieldy cabling, and StanLil are frequently asked to install raised floor systems in London for this purpose.

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Suspended Ceilings in London

A Rising Demand for Suspended Ceilings in London

Suspended Ceilings in London • Feature Ceilings • Partitioning • Commercial Interiors • Internal Plastering • Render • Screeding • Retail interiors • Shop Refits

For over two decades now, StanLil Specialist Contractors have been installing suspended ceiling systems for London in retail outlets, offices, homes and schools. Over that period, we’ve seen a steady growth in demand which has recently started to rise more rapidly.
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