Office Design and Build



StanLil builds the office you need, designed around your staff.

We’ve all worked in office spaces designed for one kind of company, that now block the practices a new company needs to adopt. It could be a lack of communal spaces, no privacy, or an electrical installation that’s creaking under the pressure of current demand. StanLil specialises in office design that takes your employees’ working practices as their starting point.


1. We Build Office Spaces Around Staff Behaviour

Discovering the daily flow of a working office is key to delivering a successful design. One that both inspires staff and boosts their productivity. We look for the snags, the workarounds, and the log jams, so that we can design them out of existence. Contemporary office design recognises the importance of staff wellbeing, alongside productivity. We look at the quality of light, the opportunities for collaborative working, and the availability of quiet, focused spaces.

2. Inspirational Designs, Effective Delivery

Once we have sign off on an interior design, we create a dedicated project team to deliver. They’ll manage every aspect of the fit out, from sourcing materials, to installation, scheduling and quality control. The project manager will work closely with key stakeholders to keep them updated regularly with reports. Key to project success is the maintenance of clear lines of communication.

3. Clients Come First At StanLil

In an ideal world we’d fit out in an empty space with plenty of time to achieve the high standards we set ourselves. We’ve never yet found ourselves in those circumstances, and we probably never will. Whatever the circumstances your business needs to come first. So we schedule flexibly, work around staff in situ, and find creative solutions to challenges along the way.

Office Design and Building

We are CHAS, SafeContractor and Constructionline approved, and we are committed to ongoing health and safety training for all our employees and sub-contractors

Office Design and Build Services

We Collaborate for Success

An office build and design is very much a collaborative process. We place our expertise in the service of your business. We know that we’ll achieve the best results by listening carefully to the staff, observing how they go about their work, and understanding what it is they need to achieve their full potential.

A Reliable Office Fit Out Company

At Stanlil, we keep our standards consistently high by employing quality fit out specialists who combine skills and experience in equal measure. The project teams we put together understand the business environment, and recognise the importance of teamwork to achieve the best results. We bring our projects in to your deadline, and on budget.

Working in a Commercial Environment

We’ve spent nearly two decades maximising business budgets when it comes to workplace redesign. We do this by managing the whole process ourselves, which cuts out the sub-contracting required. Our office design and build teams are able to offer business considerable savings by taking care of everything from furniture, to electrical installation and office build.

StanLil is an Experienced Office Design and Build Specialist

The growth of technology over the past 30 years has challenged every business to find new ways of working. This may mean the adoption of innovate tech, flexible working patterns, or a greater reliance on teams out on the road. Our office spaces need to adapt quickly and efficiency to encompass the changes which continue to redefine our daily working lives.

StanLil has the expertise to help you create an office design which can adapt to the needs of your current workforce.