Office Design Company Sussex

Office Design Company Sussex

Looking for an Office Design Company in Sussex?

As a Sussex-based business, we’re often asked what are the biggest changes we’ve seen in the region, over the past 20 years. We have to say that the approach to office design is the biggest shift we’ve encountered. It’s all about a change in perspective, from management to employees.

In the late 90s, an office design often amounted to little more than new furniture and a fresh lick of paint. In the 21st century the approach is very different. Now, the majority of businesses we work with want to create the optimum working environment for their employees. Why? Because they know it’s the best way to boost productivity, and retain their best people.

StanLil Designs for Maximum Productivity

The StanLil team’s starting point for designing a new office space is always the staff. Good design starts with taking the time to observe how and what gets done in an office space. We identify work flow, and look for where the blocks are to productivity. We find out what kind of activities facilitate productivity in the business. Is it small one-to-one meetings, team-work, presentations to clients, or quiet focused research?

Once we’ve looked at and listened to staff, the design team we’ll start work on the optimum environment for your team. Our 5 principles for maximum productivity are:

  • A Varied Space for Working. The vast majority of work spaces need different kinds of spaces to facilitate a range of activities. We ensure that your office is designed around the activities your employees engage in.
  • Noise Control. It’s not the most obvious factor, but research shows that poorly managed noise is one of the major factors causing stress, poor performance and illness. StanLil office design includes strategies for controlling and containing noise.
  • Light Enhancement. The use of natural light in a work environment enhances the mood of employees, and increases productivity. If it’s not possible to have natural light throughout your office, we’ll find ways to create a high quality artificial equivalent.
  • Clever Storage. One of the biggest complaints we hear from employees is that there’s inadequate storage space. This relates both to personal effects, but also to the cabling spaghetti that characterises many workplaces.
  • Colour Science. There’s a good deal of research now that says colour plays a huge role in motivating and energising employees. White, or beige, walls lower the mood and reduce engagement, for example. We work with your brand colours to provide a dynamic workplace.

Clear Communication Underpins Office Design Services

In our experience of working with businesses across Sussex, clarity of communication is key to a successful office design. Our experienced project managers present the designs to management and staff and feedback their responses. Once we have sign off, they will then take the project through the build stages and fit out.

Office Fit Out Services

StanLil builds and fits out the majority of the workplaces we design. It’s a process that makes sense because of the high level of engagement we garner in the early stages of the project. We believe in starting and maintaining conversations across the business throughout a design and build process. This is because we find that where engagement is high, it’s far easier to manage changes to the working environment with a minimum of risk to the business.

StanLil is an Experienced Office Design Company

We’ve been working with businesses, large and small, in Sussex, for over 20 years now. In that time the design team have consistently produced positive results, often working to tight budgets. Our project managers are highly experienced, and are experts when it comes to managing third party contractors, flexible scheduling, and bringing in projects on deadline.

Looking for a new office design in Sussex? The StanLil team provide high quality design, build and fit out to optimise productivity and workplace engagement. Call us on 01243 558075