Cleanroom worker

Things To Consider When Building A Cleanroom

Constructing and designing a common room is one matter, and building a medical cleanroom is another. As you may or may not be aware of, a cleanroom needs to be built in an environment that is free of dust and other contaminants typically found in manufacturing, industrial, and research facilities. It needs to have the ideal pressure, temperature, humidity, and personal access to set the critical environmental conditions. The ultimate goal is to foster employee safety, ensure product quality, and uphold research integrity.

As a cleanroom needs to be constructed and designed properly according to a set of standards, here are five key factors to consider:

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Cladding Building Skyline

How To Know If Your Buildings Cladding Is Safe

The majority of buildings are designed to house and protect people and/or businesses. The majority do this extremely well, but like the contents or people, buildings need protecting too.
One element of a buildings external protection is its outer layer, it’s envelope you could say, and one product which is being used more and more to do this is cladding. Cladding is an addition to your facilities outer surfaces, protecting it from extreme weather, offering thermal insulation, and improving the building’s aesthetics.

Unfortunately, some building cladding can be incredibly hazardous, especially when it comes to fire. This is because some claddings are/were manufactured from combustible material that may aid in the spread of fires and cause a real threat to people’s safety.  This was seen before in instances such as the tragic Grenfell fire. If you own a building, it is wise to call your cladding contractors to inspect the property for safety reasons. Here are additional ways to ensure that your buildings cladding is safe:

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