Shop Fitters London

Shop Fitters London

StanLil are Experienced Shop Fitters in London

The work of the retail shopfitter has never been more important. 18.1% of all retail sales now take place online, which poses a serious threat to the High Street. We know that online sales are popular because they’re easier, often cheaper, and offer more choice. So how can the High Street compete? First and foremost, it can offer shoppers an environment where they matter, where their comfort is important, and where shopping is a pleasurable social experience. Read more

Design and Fit Out London

Design and Fit Out London

Office Design and Fit Out in London

Staff who love their office environment work harder than those who don’t. It’s a simple equation but one that Apple and Google have embraced wholesale. And it makes sense. A workforce that has learned to complain about their workspace waste time pointing out its many shortcomings. A space that is loved, however, provides no such opportunities.

So, how to create a space that is loved? In our years of experience creating office spaces, it’s all about employees feeling that they have a stake in the space they occupy for a good proportion of the week. That’s not just about bringing in photos and a pot plant. It’s about being part of the design and planning of it. After all, who knows the space better than the people who work in it?

StanLil design beautiful workspaces, based on how people work.

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Office Refurbishment Kent

Tailored Office Refurbishment in Kent

There tend to be 5 main reasons why businesses in Kent call us to talk about an office refurbishment:

  1. Brand Refresh. The colours and messaging are changing, so the business takes the decision to combine a refit and refurbishment.
  2.  Office No Longer Fit For Purpose. The business recognises that the current office layout reflects the past, and they want an office that moves them forward.
  3.  Taking Ownership. Companies often ‘make do’ with legacy layouts when moving into a new office. There comes a time, though, when it’s necessary to make it your own.
  4.  An Alternative to Moving. It’s a costly and disruptive process to move location. Businesses needing more space set StanLil the challenge of creating it as part of the refurbishment.
  5.  WoW the Clients. Your reception area speaks volumes to clients, and it’s the first thing they see. Businesses decide to refurbish key areas to ensure they’re giving the right message!
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Office Fit Out Brighton

Office Fit-Out Brighton

Choose StanLil for Your Office Fit Out in Brighton

Brighton has always been a fiercely independent city, willing to take a stand, and provide an innovative alternative to London life. This spirit is now translating into the business community as Brighton is currently being celebrated for its entrepreneurship, and its nurturing of new businesses. Lloyds Bank has named it as the UK’s capital for startups, with a tech sector 4 times bigger than the UK average.

All of which means that the StanLil team find themselves working in the city pretty frequently. As providers of high quality, rapid response office fit outs, there’s plenty of work to be done. From startups moving into their first ‘proper’ office, to businesses relocating, and older companies refurbishing, there’s no doubt that Brighton’s business community is on the move.

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