Office Fit Out London

Office Fit Out London

StanLil Can Help With Your Office Fit Out in London

Across the expanse of London, right now, businesses are moving into purpose-built offices, refurbishing their existing offices, trying to cram more people into less space, and setting up their very first office space. Every single one of these commercial activities tends to fall under the loose category of ‘fit out’. And yet, each one of them requires different management and skills.

StanLil Contractors has been providing a whole range of services under the loose umbrella of office fit outs in London for over two decades now. So here’s how we categorise the range of work we offer:

Office Fit Out Baseline Definition

Whatever form it takes, an office fit out can be defined as making an interior space suitable for use. Normally a fit out occurs once the structural development of an office building is completed. A fit out can be as simple as laying flooring, finishing surfaces and adding branding – or it can involve design elements, interior partitioning and electrical installations.

  • Shell & Core Office Fit Out

This is the most extensive office fit out as contractors begin with the ‘shell’ left by developers. A Shell & Core office fit out would normally focus on the shared areas such as reception, toilets, or lift areas. These are fitted to a high spec for incoming tenants

  • Category A Fit Out

Cat A fit out sits midway between the concrete ‘shell’ left by developers, and the fully fitted out office that is ready to receive employees. The Cat A fit out involves the installation of partitioning, suspected ceilings, flooring. Electrics, alarms and air conditioning.

  • Category B Fit Out

This turns the Cat A fit out into a place that facilitates your business. A Cat B fit out would normally start with detailed discussions around work flow, the kinds of activities employees participate in, branding and visitor perception. A design would be drawn up and, once signed off, a project manager would manage the process through to completion.

  • Office Refurbishment in London

Where it feels that productivity is being hampered by the existing design of an office, an office refurbishment can often open up new potential in your work space. This process often begins with a design process. Refurbishment can also be driven by a brand refresh, in which case existing colours, signage and branded furniture is replaced – normally overnight.

  • Design & Build Office Fit Out

This is where an office interior is designed and built around the staff who work in it.  Often this is carried out a company moves into offices designed for their predecessors. Designers take time to understand the behaviour of employees, and literally build the office interior around them. This process can take longer, but it facilitates great levels of productivity and employee engagement.

StanLil Contractors – An Experienced Fit Out Company in London

We’ve grown our business in response to the needs of our commercial clients. We now have a skilled team offering: design, electrical installation, carpentry, flooring finishes, interior finishes. At the heart of all we do are our skilled project managers who ensure that every job comes on deadline, and within the allocated budget.

If you’re looking for a skilled team for your office fit out in London, call StanLil on 01243558075. Whatever your fit out requirements, we have the team to deliver it.