Design and Fit Out London

Design and Fit Out London

Office Design and Fit Out in London

Staff who love their office environment work harder than those who don’t. It’s a simple equation but one that Apple and Google have embraced wholesale. And it makes sense. A workforce that has learned to complain about their workspace waste time pointing out its many shortcomings. A space that is loved, however, provides no such opportunities.

So, how to create a space that is loved? In our years of experience creating office spaces, it’s all about employees feeling that they have a stake in the space they occupy for a good proportion of the week. That’s not just about bringing in photos and a pot plant. It’s about being part of the design and planning of it. After all, who knows the space better than the people who work in it?

StanLil design beautiful workspaces, based on how people work.

StanLil Design Around Staff Behaviour

Understanding the way work flows around and through an office is key to creating a successful design. We’ll always take time to watch employees working, so we can find out where the snags are, and what workarounds they’ve created. Our design will have as its goal the removal of extant obstacles, and a range of working areas for different types of activities.

Work Spaces Optimised for Well-Being

A recent study found that 87% of employees would welcome healthier spaces to work in. Findings suggested that fresh air, natural light, water coolers, and ergonomically aware fittings are important. When designing London office spaces, we prioritise not only the work flow, but also the provision of a healthy, green environment for work.

Professional Project Managers for London Fit Out

Once we have a sign off on the office interior design, our dedicated fit out team take over. Key to this stage of the work is our professional project managers. They are charged with keeping the office fit out on track, delivering to deadline, and staying on budget. They manage the contractors, schedule the work, and report regularly on progress made.

StanLil Understand Business Priorities

If we had our way, the fit out process would take place in an empty office. And we’d take the time we need to achieve perfection. That’s never happened yet, though, and we doubt it ever will. Instead, we understand the need to minimise disruption to business, and with this in mind, we schedule work in such a way to achieve maximum results with minimal disruption.

Sign Off for Design and Fit Out in London

Employee engagement continues right through to sign off with StanLil Design and build projects. We listen as we go, take suggestions on board where possible, and handover the space to everyone. So long as the process has consistently invited engagement, the reaction to the workspace tends to be overwhelmingly positive.

StanLil Contractors are a Fit Out Company for London

We’ve been working with businesses in London for over two decades now, providing fit outs, office design and build, and office refurbishments. Our contractors are carefully chosen skilled professionals who are passionate about the work they do. As a consequence, we are able to consistently create high quality office designs in London that are loved by the people who work in them.

Looking for a workspace your employee will love? StanLil design and fit out London offices, based on the way your employees need to work. Call us on 01903 337222 to find out more.