Office Refurbishment Ideas

Office Refurbishment Ideas

Office Refurbishment Ideas

Everybody knows when it’s time for an office refurbishment. Employees probably know first. Because they’re the ones who create the workarounds and trip over the network cables. Employers know when they see productivity and morale plummeting. Worst of all, clients know when they sense a ‘tired’, unmotivated workplace.

The good news is that an office refurbishment doesn’t have to be complex, a risk to business, or way beyond your budget. StanLil Contractors is an experienced interior specialist, with over two decades experience, and our best refurbishments have been the simplest. It all comes down to seeing the potential in your office space that’s not being used – yet.

Make Way For The Future

It’s surprising how many offices still bear the legacy of a pre-digital age. A refurbishment gives you the opportunity to design for the future, rather than living in the past. Contemporary office life tends to be less about sitting at desks, and more about working in teams, or at home, or on the go. Minimise the formal office furniture and make space for the kind of working we do now.

Start From Scratch – In Your Head

Imagine you’re walking into an empty space – without walls, habits, or furniture. Now plan how your office could operate more efficiently without the obstacles employees currently work around. Many modern office spaces can be dismantled easily, and fitted out using contemporary materials that embrace ongoing flexibility. Changing the work flow of an office is often the key to revitalising the energy and dynamism of the team.

Consider Your Employees Well-Being

Productivity soars once employees feel that their well-being is important to their employer. Often, the changes are disproportionately small considering the benefits they bring.

•      Improve the Lighting. Natural lighting is the best option, so if you’ve got windows make the most of them. Enhance natural light by installing glazed partitioning. If your office is dependent on artificial light, fit LED lighting for clarity, sustainability, and lower energy bills.

•      Provide Proper Coffee and Tea. It’s a small investment but it means a lot to people that spend 8 hours a day in the office. Create an area that’s roomy enough for people to sit together, and make it a comfortable spot to catch up.

•      Use Colours and Textures Creatively. Many offices use brand colours throughout. If, however, your office design is bland and featureless, think about developing a stylish environment for people to work in.

Look at Your Reception Through Your Clients’ Eyes

This is a great spur to refurbishment creativity. We all become habituated to our office interior, so much so that we no longer see it. Once you look at it with new eyes, it’s only too clear what needs to happen. What is it you want clients to think about your brand? Your reception is where the communication takes place. So take a look at the décor, furniture and carpets. What are they currently saying about you?

StanLil Can Help With Your Office Refurbishment Ideas

We’re interior specialists with the full range of skills, experience and professionalism you require for your office refurbishment. StanLil can offer businesses a comprehensive service from design, through office fit out, to refurbishment completion. We’ll project manage the process for you, and ensure that we schedule to achieve minimum risk to business disruption.

Looking for office refurbishment ideas to rejuvenate your workplace? StanLil provides the skills, experience and professionalism you need. Call us today on 01243558075