Office Refurbishment Kent

Tailored Office Refurbishment in Kent

There tend to be 5 main reasons why businesses in Kent call us to talk about an office refurbishment:

  1. Brand Refresh. The colours and messaging are changing, so the business takes the decision to combine a refit and refurbishment.
  2.  Office No Longer Fit For Purpose. The business recognises that the current office layout reflects the past, and they want an office that moves them forward.
  3.  Taking Ownership. Companies often ‘make do’ with legacy layouts when moving into a new office. There comes a time, though, when it’s necessary to make it your own.
  4.  An Alternative to Moving. It’s a costly and disruptive process to move location. Businesses needing more space set StanLil the challenge of creating it as part of the refurbishment.
  5.  WoW the Clients. Your reception area speaks volumes to clients, and it’s the first thing they see. Businesses decide to refurbish key areas to ensure they’re giving the right message!

StanLil Offers Tailored Office Refurbishment in Kent

Over the past two decades StanLil has provided office refurbishment for corporate giants and start-up companies. We know that every refurbishment has a unique story behind it, and every company requires a unique approach. So we take care to work closely with clients in order to develop their brief, before we start work. We need to find out what the problem is they need to solve. Then we can provide an efficient and cost effective solution.

Need to Get Your Team Working More Efficiently?

A refurbishment isn’t just about appearances, it can also increase the productivity of your workforce. The StanLil team offers an office design and build option which focuses on the way your team work. We start out by discovering how the current office fit out blocks operations and procedures, then we create a design that integrates a range of solutions to those problems.

Looking for a Flexible Working Space?

Many of the businesses we work with are changing their working practices radically. But their offices still reflect an old way of working. For example, much of the workforce now regularly works from home, but they still need office space for planning sessions and meeting with clients. StanLil is adept at creating flexible office spaces. These might include comfortable meeting areas, desk sharing with adequate personal storage, and private areas for one-to-ones.

Making Your Office Space Reflect Who You Are

The days of corporate beige and grey are gone, thank goodness. But companies now struggle to create a workspace that reflects company culture and the work ethic.

Simple design changes can transform your office space.

The StanLil design team always look to:

  • Maximise the available natural light in the environment,
  • Utilise brand colours creatively throughout the space
  • Remove cable clutter
  • Provide storage solutions for personal items

StanLil Has a Local Reputation for Professional Office Refurbishments

As a business working in the south east, we know how important a local reputation is, and how fragile it can be. Everyone at StanLil takes pride in the excellent reputation we’ve built for professional craftsmanship, delivering to deadlines, and cost effectiveness. It’s all down to having a great team that includes skilled and experienced interior specialists, and excellent project managers who keep everything on track.

If you’re planning an office refurbishment in Kent, call StanLil Contractors on 01243558075. We’re specialist providers of fit out and refurbishment solutions across the county.

If you’re planning an office refurbishment in Kent, call StanLil Contractors on 01243558075. We’re specialist providers of fit out and refurbishment solutions across the county.