Office Refurbishment Surrey

Office Refurbishment Surrey

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Inspiring Ideas for your Office Refurbishment Surrey

Surrey has a population of just over a million, making it the third most populous county in the South East. It has the highest GDP per capita of any English county, and it’s home to over 60,000 companies ranging from start-ups to global corporates. Business is a major artery feeding the economic well-being of Surrey, and the creation of work spaces that inspire productivity are key to its growth.

Office Refurbishment Could Save You From Moving

StanLil has been providing businesses in Surrey with office refurbishments for over three decades. One trend we’ve noticed is that businesses in a period of growth, will often see an office move as the default solution to space problems. An alternative approach is to get a professional eye on your existing space, to see if a refurbishment could save you the cost and hassle of moving.

StanLil Offers a Range of Interior Services

If productivity is slowing down due to cramped working spaces, and tangled cables, it may be time to clear out your old partitioning, create more storage space, and enhance the natural light in the office. StanLil provides a range of interior services designed to refresh your space, clear out the clutter, and inspire new ways of working:

  • Partitioning Systems – we use lightweight, adaptable partitioning which provides a flexible and responsive solution to the changing needs of the workspace. Whatever the company culture, we can sculpt the space to reflect it. Glazed partitions refract and enhance natural light, whilst a great range of textures and colours can promote mood, brand, or culture.
  • Suspended Ceilings – cabling can clutter creative space, and choke up minimalist aspirations. A suspended ceiling, is an attached grid-based installation which creates an accessible storage space between the original ceiling and the new one. It’s an ongoing solution to your tech storage, it improves the acoustics of the space, and offers a great range of opportunities for stylish lighting.
  • Raised Access Flooring – like the suspended ceiling, raised access flooring creates an accessible void which can be used for storage. It’s a beautifully simple system using pedestals, floor panels and steel or aluminium rods which provide the lateral stability. The floor panels can be raised to gain access to data cabling, telecoms cabling, or air conditioning systems.

StanLil Office Refurbishments Refresh Your Work Space

Many of the office spaces we refurbish for our clients in Surrey are making the transition from a fixed workforce working at the same desk every day, to a more mobile arrangement which may include remote working, flexible home working, or team-based projects which require creative, flexible spaces that can adapt to changing needs.

Offering design options that prioritise a transformational, rather than a fixed workspace helps companies looking to attract millenials into their business. Younger professionals tend to be expect a work environment that offers them the opportunity to express their individuality, and collaborate when necessary, making flexible partitioning exactly the material to facilitate their needs.

StanLil Fit Out Contractors Surrey

We pride ourselves on being able to create the spaces our clients imagine, using materials that offer us maximum efficiency, without compromising on quality. Our fit out teams have both the skills and experience to be able to reconfigure space creatively and effectively, whilst reflecting the culture your business aspires to.

Why not call us today on 01243 558075, to see how we could re-imagine your office environment?