Office Fit Outs London

Office Fit Outs London

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Stanlil Provide High Quality Office Fit Outs London

For businesses based in London looking for appropriate office space can mean difficult decisions and some compromises along the way. It could be that the size is right but the location isn’t; or that the office is perfect but the finances just don’t add up. Many of the businesses we create interior office fit outs for are needing a simple and effective way to optimise the office space they’ve chosen.

Inspiring Office Refurbishments

Whether or not the office choice is ideal, at StanLil we always begin by reminding clients that their office interior is an investment in the future of their business. The interior layout will determine whether employees work collaboratively or not; it will speak volumes to clients visiting your business for the first time, and it could provide a dose of daily wellbeing which enhances productivity.

London Fit Out Office Designs

Once the StanLil design team have a clear idea of the workflow you need, the quality of light you’d like for your staff, and the style and ambiance you require in order to give a great first impression to clients and visitors, we can get to work. StanLil provides interior office fit outs for businesses large and small across London which means that we can bring extensive skills and experience to your workplace.

Flexible Office Fit Outs London

One key requirement we encounter all the time with our London interior office fit outs is flexibility. The days of fixed desks and allocated offices are long gone. Businesses now need to cater to a more fluid workforce which works from home, has variable working patterns, and works interchangeably as part of team, or as an individual requiring private space to work intensively.

Dry Lining Materials for Office Interiors

Dry lining partitions, floors and ceilings are the perfect response to the contemporary office’s need for adaptability. Metal framed dry lining partitions provide businesses with a lightweight and cost effective system which sculpts interior space and offers a range of spatial options, from walled offices, to team working huddles, to hot-desking panels, all of which can be reconfigured easily in response to changing needs.

Creating Storage Space for Office Fit Outs London

Networking and cabling can be a nightmare for businesses. A desire for open working spaces is often at odds with the endless cabling that goes hand in hand with 21st century tech. An effective solution is the creation of a suspended ceiling, or raised access flooring. The floor or ceiling tiles are mounted on a metal grid which creates instant storage space for cabling, and easy access for maintenance.

Dry Lining Benefits

Apart from the obvious advantages of creating an agile workspace for your business, freed of cabling clutter, dry lining solutions can also enhance the natural light in your office environment and improve sound quality. Elegant glazed partitioning amplifies natural light by refracting it, and the acoustic absorption rate of suspended ceiling tiles reduces echo, enhancing ambient sound quality.

StanLil Office Fit Outs London

StanLil interior office fit outs are designed around the needs of your business, and that includes installation. We know that time is money when it comes to office space in London, so our teams pride themselves on working to tight deadlines, scheduling for minimal disruption to business, and coming in on budget.

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