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Office Refurbishments Sussex

StanLil Provides Office Refurbishments for Sussex Clients

When we ask our Sussex clients their reason for refurbishment, the majority tell us that they need an office environment that reflects 21st century work. The office has become a very different place over the past 20 years. And contemporary corporate design demonstrates this. Gone are the heavy desks, the solid architecture, and the dusty filing cabinets. The workplace is now a more flexible and adaptable environment, suited to a range of working practices.

Office Refurbishment is Good for Your Business

StanLil has extensive experience in office refurbishment, and we can say – without a shadow of doubt – that it confers numerous benefits:

Culture: For businesses that worry about employees working in silos, an office refurbishment can be a step towards a more inclusive and engaged culture. Getting rid of wall-papered barricades and replacing them with glazed partitions can make a world of difference. We encourage our Sussex clients to think about the culture they want, and we’ll design for it.

Productivity: There’s no longer just one way of working. Office spaces need to reflect the fact that people need spaces for a range of activities. We always advise a blend of collaborative areas, private spaces for small meetings, and quiet places where employees can concentrate on focused work.

Health: Well-being at work is now recognised as a major factor that should be considered by employers. This could be as simple as finding ways to enhance the natural light available in the office space. It certainly includes consideration of areas where people can relax on breaks away from their desk.

Collaboration: In office refurbishments where employees are given a voice when it comes to changes in their working environment, morale shoots up. The process of envisaging change, and creating that change practically, can have an incredibly positive effect on a business. That’s why StanLil always advocates this approach.

StanLil Office Refurbishment Services

The StanLil refurbishment team always start out with an audit. What works in your existing set-up? Is there anything that needs to go? Are there enhancements would make everyone’s working lives easier? We look for feedback from stakeholders, and employees, and we observe the daily routine. Then we come up with a range of ideas that are designed to support an improved working pattern.

Experienced Project Managers Oversee Office Refurbishments for Sussex Clients

One you’ve agreed on the design, we provide the team to make it happen. Key to the operation is a Project Manager who schedules the work, manages third party suppliers, oversees the budget, and keeps everything on deadline. In order to do this they maintain clear and regular lines of communication with everyone involved in the project.

Flexible Scheduling, and Professional Workplace Discipline

Our Sussex clients tell us that we’re particularly good at carrying out extensive refurbishment without disrupting the business. If you need your workforce to keep working through the refurbishment, we’ll manage that. We believe in collaborating with employees on site to create the solution that creates minimal risk to business.

Office Refurbishments Across Sussex

StanLil works with a range of clients across Sussex, from start-ups through to established corporate businesses. Whatever the size of the office, we always go through the same process. We know that if we listen carefully, and respond creatively, we can make a massive difference to productivity, morale and company culture.

Want to make your Sussex office look and work better? Call StanLil’s office refurbishment team on 01243 558075. We’ll make change happen fast.