Commercial Building Exterior

Planning Your Commercial Office Building Construction

Building or converting an office – whether from scratch or refurbishment – can be an expensive, time-consuming, and potentially frustrating process. The steps it takes to turn your blueprint into reality can also come with a collection of surprises along the way, many of which can have costly consequences on your money and timeline.

It is a venture that involves your full attention and expert, experienced contractors to bring your ideas and needs to fruition.  There are however a few common themes we have seen in the pre-construction phase that can turn the journey into a money, or time pit.

So… If you have plans on building a new commercial building or office space, read on so that you can hopefully get the job done with little-to-no headaches along the way.

The Site Orientation In Your Floor Plan

It is easy to focus on finishing’s, layouts and designs when reviewing the floor plan for your new office building, but many overlook a crucial detail: the site orientation. Offices and people work better when there is natural daylight, it has a big impact on office productivity and must be maximised.

On the flip side of this, allowing the full brunt of the sunlight to bask the office can also be disruptive, glare and heat are factors to consider. A quality contractor will understand these issues and opportunities and work with you and your architect to get things just right for the inhabitants.

Permissions And Regulations

It is easy to get excited about builds, but as we know, construction of any form needs careful consideration, planning, approvals and a positive relationship with the local authorities.

Once again, ensure that you work with your contractor on this.  A quality contractor will be able to advise, guide and work with the authorities, understanding what the inspectors need to see and when they need to see it.  Remember, we have been there and done this many times and we are happy to share our knowledge and experience.

Voice Your Concerns

Keeping quiet when you start to have concerns during any construction process will only lead to issues and problems in the future, so it’s best to address problems with your contractor immediately. A good contractor will take your comments seriously, discuss and alleviate fears, then work on and consider areas that need improvement.  So be sure to take the time to straighten out any issues you notice along the way to ensure the end result is as flawless as it can be.

Avoiding Common Construction Errors From The Get-Go To Ensure A Smooth Development

Building an ergonomic and well-designed work space will undoubtedly improve culture, morale, and overall productivity of your business. Whether it is a prefabricated building or a custom commercial complex, finding the right building contractors can make all the difference between a smooth-sailing build or a flop.

As we have touched on with just a few examples, costly mistakes can happen before and during the project, which can either dent your budget or push your schedule back. That is why hiring a reliable and highly rated construction contractor is a decision you can’t take lightly.

Here at StanLil, we bring visions to life through commercial construction projects and services in all sectors. Our expert team will ensure you are comfortable and confident from the first point of contact through to completion. Get in touch with us and see what we can do to provide bespoke solutions for your office or commercial building construction.