What You Need To Know About ACM Cladding

While aluminium composite material (ACM) cladding gives a beautiful touch to any building as well as offers protection for inner layers acting as a rain screen. As alluring as the metallic finish looks to people passing by, keep in mind that the use of ACM cladding materials has been carefully monitored and now heavily regulated since the Grenfell Tower fire.

An expert advisory panel advised the government to undertake identification screening of residential buildings that tower over 18 metres tall for safety measures. ACM claddings come in different types, which means that to be able to utilize these for your structure, you may need an inspection beforehand.

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Types Of Building Project Square

What Types of Commercial Construction & Design Projects Are There?

No single construction or design project is the same. Though certain aspects such as the tools, equipment, and general structure of a project may be similar, varying elements can lump your project into a certain “type” that makes it more approachable for your contractor. Before sourcing a building contractor, take a look at the most common types of commercial projects that are in-demand in today’s marketplace.

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Building Project During Lockdown

3 Reasons to Continue Your Building Project During Lockdown

The current pandemic affected a lot of businesses and industries. The lockdown implemented in the UK brought some services and functions to a stop. This situation, however, does not mean that your dream for a new commercial building renovation should stop.

You can always continue with your design and building plans, and now is actually the best time for you to do it. The current lockdown means you’ll be stuck inside your house for an indefinite period. Your activities at home will be limited, and you’ll have more time for yourself than you usually have.

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Building Contractors

The 4 Characteristics of a Professional Building Contractor

When you have something that needs to be built, the chances are you will have building contractors taking care of the job for you. Unfortunately for you, if you are yet to choose a contractor, it might be a difficult process. Since there are so many contractors you can pick from, it might be overwhelming to choose; especially since we’re sure that you only want to work with the best ones. But how do you figure out which ones are the “best” ones?

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5 Factors to look for in a Construction Main Contractor

If you’re planning to pursue any construction projects for your commercial property, hiring the right contractor can make a significant difference in the result of your project. Whether it’s a complete refurbishment of a building, an office redesign or industrial renovation, the hired contractor has so much impact on the materials used, the timeline and the successful outcome of your project. This is why there are a handful of factors to consider when looking for the right contractor.

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StanLil: Main Contractor In Construction

Covid-19 Update

It has now been a month since the UK Government imposed restrictions on movement and the trading of certain ‘non-essential’ businesses. Since this time, it has been a challenging time for everyone as we all adapt to new working conditions, new education methods for children and restricted options for socialising and outdoor activities.

No industry has been immune to these changes, not least the construction industry which has experienced confusion over whether work can be undertaken given social distancing measures. At StanLil, we are still operating under these ‘social distancing’ measures and we are still available for a range of projects.

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Office Refurbishment and Fit Out

How to Ensure a Successful Office Refurbishment Plan – Our Guide

Office refurbishment is an exciting time for any business because it carries with it a sense of a fresh start and revitalisation. It’s usually easy to make the decision to refurbish your office that makes you conjure various ideas that are Pinterest-worthy. Before you tear down the walls, however, there’s a necessary process to make the office of your dreams come to life.

Here are some tips on how to make your office refurbishment plan a success:

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Men working on a construction site

Choosing The Right Contractor For Your Project

A retail fit-out means creating an unfinished space into a commercial area, usually done for retail tenants. Such projects entail much time and energy, not to mention a well-compensated budget. Due to this, planning out an retail fit-out project can be incredibly draining and stressful.

Important decisions must be made in terms of the overall plan, size of the sales area, the interior space expansion, and the location. Will you be having your retail fit-out in London, or another large city/conurbation? If so, certain permits need to be gathered.

Moreover, choosing the right contractors is necessary. They will make or break your project. Should you choose interior contractors available in London or perhaps other cities near you, such as Sussex or Surrey? With these in mind, we’ve gathered tips from the experts, which can serve as your ultimate guide to choosing the best contractors:

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Cladding on the side of a multi-storey building

Cladding – The Only Way Is Down

The outstanding question “is your cladding fire rating acceptable” is one pressing on the minds of all those living in any building with a cladding or even rendered fascia to the property.

The continued uncertainty is creating an ever-growing number of residences across the UK to find themselves stuck in a seemingly hopeless mortgage trap and their properties reduced to having zero value and so completely unsaleable in the current market.

Having scratched the surface following those tragic events at Grenfell Tower, it seems there is currently no end in site in seeking to understand who is affected by this growing crisis.

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Office Design and Fit Out

Office Design and Fit Out

Office Design and Fit Out

There are two ways of looking at office design. Either it’s a major headache that’s going to upset everybody, and disrupt business. Or it’s an opportunity to re-boot the workforce, inspire confidence, and up energy levels. For over two decades now, the StanLil team has been creating the latter for a range of businesses, large and small.

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