Suspended Ceiling Contractors for Surrey

Suspended Ceiling Contractors for Surrey

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Suspended Ceiling Contractors for Surrey

The beautiful county of Surrey in the south east combines London boroughs, beautiful and prosperous towns such as Guildford and Kingston-on-Thames, no less than four racecourses, and large protected green spaces such as the Surrey Hills. The StanLil team are frequent visitors to the county, and we’ve designed some exciting, elegant, and transformative suspended ceilings for clients in the region.

Experienced Suspended Ceiling Contractors for Surrey

We’ve been creating beautiful suspended ceilings for nearly four decades now and we’re delighted to see that demand for them continues to grow. The suspended ceiling system comprises tiles fitted onto a grid fixed to the original ceiling. Originally they were designed to cover up poor ceiling finishes, and hide pipes or wiring, but their benefits and aesthetic possibilities have now developed way beyond this.

Surrey Suspended Ceiling Contractors Create Space

For many of our Surrey clients, the acoustic absorption rates provided by suspended ceiling tiles were a major advantage. We’ve all experienced the difficulty of hearing a conversation in a crowded room; this is due to the fact that sound waves are bouncing off the walls and ceiling, creating vocal distortion. Suspended ceiling tiles absorb sound, and dampen down echo, enhancing vocal quality by giving it a ‘crisp’ clear edge.

A Range of Suspended Ceiling Finishes

The construction of a suspended ceiling is simple and efficient for a skilled and experienced team. StanLil has created ceiling systems for domestic homes, industrial workplaces, retail outlets and leisure facilities. In each case the design and the outcome will be different but the key components and the grid-like construction will remain constant.

  • Domed Suspended Ceilings – These are the crowning glory of a dining room, or a living room feature, such as a window alcove. The dome is a design which offers theatrical flourish to large, or more intimate spaces. It draws the eye upwards and offers a new perspective on domestic architecture. The StanLil team has fitted domed ceilings in heritage properties, but they also offer a great WOW factor in retail environments.
  • Suspended Ceilings Using Sunken Panels – If you’ve visited any of the grand English country houses open to the public, you’ll have seen sunken panels in bold geometric shapes, gracing the ceiling of drawing rooms, libraries, or corridors. The StanLil team have reproduced these sunken panels to excellent effect in a range of interior settings. They’re an invitation to make bold colour decisions, and get creative with your lighting choices.
  • Sloping Suspended Ceilings – Suspended ceilings can change the shape and dynamic of a space. The sloping ceiling is an excellent example. You can make the ceiling seem higher, or give a dull ‘box room’ an interesting architectural shape. Children love the idea of sleeping under sloping ceilings, but more and more we’re installing them in kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms.

The Number One Choice of Suspended Ceiling Contractors for Surrey

The StanLil design and installation team has the skills and experience to turn your ceiling into a blank canvas for creative and dynamic transformation. We are CHAS and Constructionline approved, and we are committed to ongoing health and safety training for all our employees and sub-contractors.

If you’re looking to recast your work or home space – call us on 01243 558075 to find out how we can help.