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Commercial Offices Into Residential Apartments

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Converting a commercial building with floor after floor of open-plan office space, into a stylish and desirable residential apartment block requires quite a leap of the imagination – which is why StanLil Interior Specialists was asked by the site developer to take on this project.

For nearly two decades we have been creating and recreating spaces designed for a range of different environments, from heritage properties, to high-end shop fit outs, and office refits; as a result, we’re known for our quality craftsmanship, our time-efficient approach, and our professionalism at every stage of the process.

StanLil Uses Dry Lining Materials to Reconfigure Space Effectively and Efficiently

We find that dry lining materials allow us to work fast, without compromising on quality. As interior specialists, we provide a range of traditional skills, matched with contemporary materials that allow us to circumvent the lengthy process of plaster finishes requiring lengthy drying periods before paint can be applied. Dry lining provides a perfect finish instantly, and the lightweight material can be attached directly to interior walls, or attached to a grid to create suspended ceilings, or sturdy partitioning.

Acoustic Ceilings and Floors for Beautifully Quiet Environments

Sound leakage has always been a problem to overcome in converted buildings, and an apartment block poses a particularly serious challenge. Controlling the sound levels within discrete residential units has always been the aim of suspended ceilings when fitting out apartments. Over the past few years the noise absorption, and acoustic performance of suspended ceilings has improved dramatically, and these were fitted throughout the building. The acoustic ceiling material is hung from a metal grid, and the acoustics of the room can be delicately tuned using sound batts above the panels to further deaden the sound of the room, and prevent leakage between adjacent rooms.

StanLil Fit Robust Partitioning to Create Multiple Living Spaces

In place of large, open-plan office spaces, we were required to create one and two bedroom apartments which provided a comfortable living spaces, housed within solid and robust adjoining walls. We used dry lining partitioning, attached to metal grid work to achieve this, and the sound-proofing qualities which we brought to the floor and ceilings, were replicated. Working with dry lining materials allows solid structures to emerge quickly, and the impression is one of sturdiness and stability. Most important, the apartments are guaranteed to provide a quiet and peaceful environment for their residents, despite sharing walls, floors and ceilings with their neighbours.

Skills, Experience and Professionalism: these are the qualities you can expect from StanLil Interior Specialists. Contact us today if you require an interior fit out, or for further info take a look at all our interior solutions.