Feature Ceilings Contractor for London

Feature Ceilings Contractor for London

Feature Ceilings Contractor for London Suspended Ceilings • Partitioning • Commercial Interiors • Internal Plastering • Render • Screeding • Retail interiors • Shop Refits

Our capital city is known for its glorious architecture, and visitors to London are treated to visual delights with each new street they encounter. Perhaps it is this wealth of innovative design spanning centuries that is currently inspiring Londoners to take a closer look at their ceilings and consider creative ways in which they could change the shape of their living and working space starting at the top and working down.

As a suspended ceiling contractor with over fifteen years’ experience in London and Sussex, StanLil is now seeing a growth in demand for ceilings that do more than merely provide a roof to the room; we are increasingly working with clients in business, retail, commercial, and residential sectors who want suspended ceilings that enhance the character of the space, provide acoustic excellence, and integrate architectural features capable of transforming the aesthetic of the environment.

A Feature Ceilings Contractor for London Needs to Provide a Range of Options

Suspended ceilings serve a clear practical purpose in that they can be used to cover unsightly surfaces, conceal network cabling, and provide a housing for air-conditioning, lighting, or speaker system. They can also enhance the acoustic qualities of the space and improve heat insulation. Beyond this they are an aesthetic feature transforming the conventionally flat ceiling into a blank canvas brimming with potential for the imaginative designer.

Vaulted Suspended Ceilings – we can provide a sloping ceiling which provides an interesting architectural shape to the room. This may take the form of equal slopes, or just one slope. This feature adds height and airiness to the space.

Sunken Panels or Coffering – this feature, often encountered in period properties, is proving popular for contemporary interiors. A suspended ceiling is installed featuring square, rectangular, or octagonal sunken panels. 

Cupolas or Domed Ceilings – think of St Paul’s and you get a visual image of this feature. This stunning use of a suspended ceiling requires a larger space for full impact, and is an excellent way to ‘crown’ a dining space or reception room.

Recessed Ceiling Panels – this is a cut-out design in which the mid-part of the ceiling is recessed and used as a lighting mount or feature. The recessed section provides definition to its spatial surroundings, and can be decorated in a contrasting colour.

We don’t only work within the capital, take a look at our recently finished project at END. Clothing in Glasgow.

A Professional Feature Ceilings Contractor for London

The technology which supports innovative feature ceilings design is developing all the time and our installation team are delighted to be able to work with dry lining materials fast and efficiently to create stunning interiors for shops, offices, hotels, and residential properties across London.

StanLil is a recommended suspended ceiling contractor in London, we have provided specialist contracting for clients in the main commercial areas of London installing feature ceilings in Chelsea, Kensington, Leyton, Greenwich, Westminster, Camden, West End and elsewhere.

Skills, Experience and Professionalism: these are the qualities you can expect from StanLil Contractors. Contact us today if you require a feature ceiling in London and surrounding areas, or for further info take a look at all of our interior solutions.