Suspended Ceilings Sussex

Suspended Ceilings Sussex

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StanLil Provides High Quality Suspended Ceilings Sussex

Sussex is a county that has successfully transformed its seaside towns into popular tourist destinations that are simultaneously rich centres for economic development. Economic activity and employment rates are both higher in Sussex than the regional and national average with increasing growth in the professional, scientific and technical sector.

At StanLil we tend to monitor economic growth by the number of enquiries we receive around office fit outs and particularly suspended ceilings. Why suspended ceilings? Well, a clear sign of success is the need to find storage space in order to accommodate new staff and – you’ve guessed it –  the most cost-effective solution is a drop ceiling!

Five Reasons to Install Suspended Ceilings in Sussex

The StanLil design and installation team have been busy across Sussex over the past few month, installing suspended ceilings in schools, offices, refurbishments, and public buildings. Here are five reasons why the drop ceiling is such an economic favourite for growing businesses:

  • Conceal Your Cables – Every business is looking for ways to get rid of the ever growing mess of cables that threaten to overwhelm, or at least trip up, employees. Suspended ceilings are an ideal way to hide pipes, cables and air conditioning controls. The individual panels can easily be removed for quick access.
  • Fast and Flexible Installation – a suspended ceiling system is made up of a grid and ceiling panels. The grid is made up of metal channels that look like a T hung upside down, and these are suspended from the ceiling by wires. Installation is quick because these components snap together in a cell pattern creating a robust ceiling structure.
  • Acoustic Ambiance – a plaster ceiling will cause sound to bounce off it, creating an echo which increases the level of sound below. Suspended ceiling tiles can help with the acoustics of the office space by absorbing sound, rather than allowing it to bounce. Specialist perforated tiles, or tiles with acoustic baffles can be fitted according to individual need.
  • Fireproofed Ceilings – fire resistant ceiling tiles, when used in concert with a fire resistant barrier laid in the void created by the suspended ceiling, gives up to 60 minutes of protection, giving employees time to evacuate safely and emergency services to arrive on the scene.
  • Insulation – insulated tiles enhance your suspend ceiling’s ROI by delivering energy savings as well as providing storage. They can offer an R-3.5 protection against cold in the winter and heat in the summer which means that the office environment operates more efficiently throughout the year, saving energy and lowering bills.

Good Looking Suspended Ceilings in Sussex

Over the past decade the range of colours, textures and styles of suspended ceiling tiles has grown enormously. Suspended ceilings also offer a range of lighting accessories such as runway lights, downlights and spotlights, all of which are designed to improve the environmental light quality.

We specialise in creating bespoke drop ceilings that  offer a cost-effective storage solution, and do so much more. A professionally installed suspended ceiling system can improve the acoustics of the office, brighten the existing décor, and improve the quality of light – all environmental attributes which have been proven to improve productivity.

Call us today on 01243 558075 to find out how we can solve your storage challenges by installing a cost-effective suspended ceiling system for your office.