Suspended Ceilings Contractors for Sussex

Suspended Ceilings Contractors for Sussex

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Popular and Affordable Suspended Ceilings Contractors for Sussex

At StanLil, we’re always interested to see what’s trending in our business at any given time. At present, the frontrunner by a mile is the suspended ceiling, also known as the drop ceiling or false ceiling.

It’s not hard to guess why suspended ceiling solutions are so popular; the amount of tech we have in our homes has grown enormously over the past twenty years, and both families and businesses are struggling to accommodate the network cabling that comes as part of the package. Suspended ceiling systems are an ideal 21st century solution, providing extra storage space above our heads!

Great Ideas from Suspended Ceilings Contractors for Sussex

The StanLil design and installation team begin with two questions for the client: What do you need to store, and what’s the style and effect you want to create? One of the bonuses of fitting suspended ceiling systems is that they not only hide unseemly cables and pipes, they can also add an entirely new dimension of design to your living or work environment. Drop ceiling panels come in a range of colours and textures, but we can also install directional lighting troughs, create a domed ceiling to ‘crown’ a dining room, or design a geometrical ceiling pattern, like the ones you see in many heritage homes, using recessed panelling.

A Fast and Professional Finish from Suspended Ceiling Contractors for Sussex

Traditional ceilings require plasterwork which is messy and takes days to dry. Contemporary suspended ceiling solutions cut out the mess and the waiting by using dry lining ceiling panels which are fitted onto a suspended ceiling grid. The technology is quick and efficient to use, and – in the right hands – can produce a stunning effect. StanLil suspended ceilings contractors for Sussex are specialist dry lining contractors; we know our materials, and have expertise and experience when it comes to translating our clients’ ideas into living environments for their family or business.

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