Domestic Soundproofing Installers in Sussex

Domestic Soundproofing Installers in Sussex

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Domestic Soundproofing Installers in Sussex

When we think about ways we could transform our homes, we tend to focus on light quality, space, textures or colour. Talking to our clients in Sussex though, a major issue that impacts on their quality of life is sound leakage and acoustics.

  • Sound Leakage – This describes the issue of being able to hear your neighbours talking, or playing music. Equally, it could be internal leakage with sound bleeding from room to room. This isn’t to do with people playing their music too loud; it’s about normal living sounds encroaching on your home. It occurs most often in older houses, as newer builds are subject to soundproofing building regs.
  • Acoustic Bounce – Ever sat in a busy restaurant and found it difficult to hear what the people at your table are saying? If so, you’ve experienced acoustic bounce, and it can happen in domestic as well as public spaces. Sound waves bounce off plaster causing a slight echo which creates a distortion. Acoustic bounce reduces the sound quality of music, conversation and TV.

Soundproofing Walls – Airborne Noise

StanLil Contractors is an experienced soundproofing installation company that cares about improving the quality of life for its clients in Sussex. If you’re bothered by hearing your neighbours talking, or playing music, our recommendation would be the installation of acoustic plasterboard. This is 12.5mm plasterboard, made of higher density material in order to reduce noise transmission through walls or ceilings.

Whilst acoustic plasterboard will considerably improve your domestic sound insulation, it won’t cut out external sounds completely. For total insulation, we would suggest the combined use of acoustic plasterboard with DFM acoustic insulation, Soundbreaker Bars and Barrier Shield.

Acoustic Works – Sound Bounce

Synthetic acoustic plaster absorbs sound energy rather than reflecting it. Noise reverberation is reduced, diminishing the overall noise level, obliterating echo and counteracting distortion. The effect is a clear, crisp sound quality that enhances the pleasure of listening to music or talking with friends. Acoustic plaster looks just like traditional plaster, except that it improves your environment sound quality.

Sound can also be improved through the use of acoustic sprays. This is a sophistical acoustic plaster spray that offers a range of finishes and colours. It can be sprayed on virtually any material and provides excellent sound absorption.

Why Trust StanLil With Your Soundproofing?

We are domestic soundproofing installers in Sussex with a reputation for cost-effective professionalism, high-quality work, and a national reach. StanLil Contractors has improved the sound quality in a range of public spaces, including schools, libraries, restaurants and shops. We are also experienced in applying our expertise to domestic interiors to ensure that the environment sound quality is significantly improved.

If you’re worn down by incessant sound leakage, a member of our soundproofing team will diagnose your property, and suggest a solution. Sound bounce is more difficult to pin down. Often people suffer with sound distortion for a good while before being able to pinpoint the source of their discomfort. Once you’ve recognised it, the StanLil team will be able to significantly improve the sound quality in your home.

Interested? Why not get in touch today on 01903 337222 for more information on our home soundproofing installations.