Suspended Ceilings in London

A Rising Demand for Suspended Ceilings in London

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For over two decades now, StanLil Specialist Contractors have been installing suspended ceiling systems for London in retail outlets, offices, homes and schools. Over that period, we’ve seen a steady growth in demand which has recently started to rise more rapidly.

Why? The UK’s adoption of ‘smart’ devices is now shifting from domestic applications to business solutions, and with it comes metres of cabling which needs to be housed. Suspended ceiling systems for London provide a stylish and effective way to manage data securely, whilst retaining easy access when required.

Why Choose Suspended Ceilings in London?

Whilst the efficiency of providing a hidden void for unwieldy, and unseemly, data cables is a major selling point when it comes to selecting suspended ceiling systems for London, we find that there are plenty of other attractive advantages to creating a drop ceiling for our customers, including:

Design Options – drop ceiling tiles are now available in an ever-growing range of textures, colours and design, making the creation of a suspended ceiling far more than a utilitarian choice! Ceiling panels are quick and easy to install, so giving your space a refit is easy and economical once the drop ceiling grid has been installed.

Improved Acoustics – whether you’re planning suspended ceilings in London for retail, business or a domestic environment, drop ceiling tiles will improve the acoustic quality of the space. Traditional plaster ceilings create a rigid barrier to sound waves, causing them to bounce around the room, creating an after-echo. Drop ceiling panels are designed to absorb sound and remove the annoying echo effect, creating a clearer, crisper audio environment.

High Energy Efficiency Suspended ceiling panels have been proven to provide highly effective insulation, meaning that our suspended ceilings in London can look great, create a clutter-free environment, and save money on energy bills. No wonder demand just keeps going up!

Looking for Professional Advice on Suspended Ceilings in London?

StanLil Specialist Contractors helps businesses and families transform their living and working environments quickly and efficiently, by working with effective, high quality, suspended ceiling systems. Why not call us for advice and suggestions on how you could de-clutter imaginatively, using drop ceiling tiles, and StanLil professional know-how.

Skills, Experience and Professionalism: these are the qualities you can expect from StanLil Contractors. Contact us today, we supply professional installations of suspended ceilings in London and surrounding areas, or for further info take a look at all of our interior solutions.