London Office Design and Build

London Office Design and Build

London Office Design and Build • Suspended Ceilings • Partitioning • Commercial Interiors • Internal Plastering • Render • Screeding • Dry Lining • Retail interiors • Shop Refits

StanLil Provides London Office Design and Build

The ultra-competitive environment for business in London now extends well beyond marketing and sales. Companies operating in the capital are increasingly keen to provide a workspace that’s attractive, efficient and supportive of staff well-being. Why? Because both clients and job applicants factor the working environment into their assessment of a business.

Creating a Working Space That Reflects Your Ethos

A good office re-design can boost energy, improve productivity, and enhance working relationships – but it requires careful design. A general refurbishment is often not enough to re-invigorate your working space, because it simply freshens up the old. A ‘design and build’ project looks at the working practices of your staff, and creates a workplace that supports them in their daily routine.

Unique London Office Design and Build Spaces

The StanLil team has designed office space for a number of London offices and we always start out by simply watching. What immediately becomes obvious from this process is the number of workarounds staff are employing. These occur where the space, or logistics, simply don’t support what staff need to be efficient. So they adapt their behaviour to find a way around the obstacle.

Our job is to remove the obstacles, and allow the work flow to work optimally for everyone. We’re also on the lookout for poorly-lit areas, the availability of quiet spaces, and the quality of public and meeting facilities. Once we know what’s stopping your employees from achieving their optimal performance, we design the office that will help them to do so.

StanLil are Leading Fit Out Contractors for London Offices

Once the design has been signed off we set to work on the office build, or fit out. In an ideal world, we’d we working in an empty space with a flexible deadline – but that’s never the case! We’re used to flexibly scheduling our work in order to work around occupied office spaces. Our experience in managing this kind of situation means that we’re well-practised in transforming space with minimal risk of business disruption.

Design and Build Project Management

Key to successful project implementation is our use of professional project managers to see the process through from start to finish. Our project managers are skilled at:

  • Planning and co-ordinating resources
  • Maintaining clear, informative communication throughout
  • Identifying key stakeholders in the business, and working with them
  • Setting and maintaining deadlines
  • Managing budget
  • Optimising health and safety
  • Minimising business disruption

The great advantage of working with an experienced project manager is that they carry responsibility for the project. Any problems, and they are the person who will sort it out.

Ongoing Office Design and Build in Londoner

StanLil continues its role of listening and watching throughout the build process. If employees have suggestions along the way, our project manager will take them on board, and facilitate consideration of the idea. Some of our best office design and build projects have been collaborative at every stage of the project. Best of all, an office environment that staff have contributed to, is likely to be on they’ll commit to going forward.

If you’re moving to a new office, or you’re in need of a refit, talk to the StanLil team today about our design and build office service.