Office Design London

Office Design London

The Importance of Bespoke Office Design in London

We’re approaching the decade in which the millennial generation will dominate the workforce. How will that impact business? One of the things we absolutely know about millennials is that they’re not looking for a ‘job for life’. On average they tend to change jobs every four years – and that creates the potential for a transient, unengaged workforce. Which is bad for business.

Flexibility Built into the Workplace

StanLil is talking to more and more business owners who are looking for a bespoke business environment which will appeal to the millennial workforce. Rather than attempting to force round pegs into square holes, they’re recognising the need to provide a workplace that reflects contemporary values. In practical terms, this tends to coalesce around:

Co-Working. This term is gaining traction now, because of its focus on flexible working spaces. The millennial workspace combines spaces for focused activity with more social areas offering coffee and snacks. Offices give way to private spaces that can be used for one-to-ones.

 A Healthy Space. A millennial employer needs to demonstrate an awareness of the importance wellness and health plays in the working day. Optimising the natural light available plays a big part in this, as does the provision or ergonomically designed office furniture.

A Sustainable Environment. As we work towards zero carbon, millennials want to to see this priority reflected in their working environment. A LED lighting design, and green alternatives to the air conditioning plant are ways to start working towards a more sustainable office space.

StanLil Provide Bespoke Office Design and Fit Out

Offices that adapt to the diverse working practices of a business, are going to prove more attractive to millennials, than office spaces that demand they ‘just fit in’. At StanLil, we work with business owners to design office spaces that can shift and transform to meet the requirements of employees. These are far more creative spaces than traditional business has favoured in the past, because they’re designed to build engagement, rather than facilitate tasks.

Once the design is signed off, StanLil will fit out your office space. We work with professional project managers to ensure that we always come in on deadline, and to budget. Our PMs are our lynchpins; they schedule 3rd party contractors, monitor progress, maintain quality, and report regularly to clients.

Office Design and Build in London for Increased Productivity

Not everyone has the luxury of time and space to create a bespoke office space. A design and build approach starts with how your workforce are currently operating in their office environment. The StanLil design team takes time observing the snags, challenges and workarounds. We also talk to employees about how productivity could be improved – they’re often experts when it comes to redesign!

An office design and build in London works closely with existing staff, and is built around them. Our project managers schedule the fit out to minimise disruption to business, whilst maximising the efficiency of the build. Very often this means working at the weekend, or overnight, to ensure that the transformation occurs without taking people from their desks.

StanLil Understands Office Design and Fit Out in London

For over two decades now, we’ve been creating contemporary office designs and refurbishments across the capital. Over that time, we’ve built a highly skilled team whose experience of working together facilitates maximum efficiency and productivity. When it comes to fit outs in London, we work fast but never compromise on quality, or craftsmanship.

Looking to enhance staff engagement and productivity? StanLil designs and builds bespoke London office spaces that are flexible, stylish and contemporary.