Office Design and Fit Out

Office Design and Fit Out

Office Design and Fit Out

There are two ways of looking at office design. Either it’s a major headache that’s going to upset everybody, and disrupt business. Or it’s an opportunity to re-boot the workforce, inspire confidence, and up energy levels. For over two decades now, the StanLil team has been creating the latter for a range of businesses, large and small.

Office Design for Improved Productivity

Successful office design tends to start with an awareness of what doesn’t work currently. Where possible, our design team will watch employees at work in order to understand what would make their lives easier.

Often it’s small details, such as:

  • A place to make coffee so, they don’t have to keep leaving the office
  • Somewhere comfortable for team meetings to take place
  • Optimisation of the natural light
  • Areas where people can work quietly, and with a degree of privacy
  • Stylish storage for bags and coats

These aren’t radical changes, but they can make a huge difference to employees. An office design that facilitates a productive workforce, will naturally produce enhanced rates of work.

Working Collaboratively With Clients

Initiating and maintaining a productive, and creative, conversation with our clients is key to the excellent results we achieve. In the early stages of decision-making around design options, we recommend a range of views in order to include employees in the process. Once everyone feels they are a part of office design changes, it tends to make the fit out stage much easier.

As soon as your office design is signed-off, our professional project managers come into play. They will ensure that the fit out occurs efficiently, to a high standard, and is completed to deadline. They’re the hub for all communications, so all questions, comments and feedback are filtered through them. Regular reporting is standard, allowing any problems to be dealt with proactively.

A Full Office Fit Out Service

The StanLil fit out team has been working together for a number of years now. Each one is a skilled craftsman, bringing a wealth of experience to every project. Our office fit out goal has always been to provide clients with high quality craftsmanship, delivered to tight deadlines. This means working efficiently, with the utmost attention to detail, and utilising high quality materials that facilitate rapid installation.

Of course, it’s great when we’re able to fit out an office space before the employees arrive, but that hardly ever happens. We understand the need to minimise disruption to business, so we often find ourselves working evenings, early mornings or weekends to ensure a timely completion. We’re always delighted when employees comment that they didn’t even notice the change taking place!

Working With StanLil Fit Out Contractors

Our experience in office design means that we’re able to offer clients valuable advice on trends in their sector. Often our work comes down to asking questions about the future goals of the business, and creating the workplace they need to achieve them. We’re passionate about high quality, effective design that meets the specific requirements of each client we work with.

Looking for an experienced office design and fit out contractor? StanLil have been creating stylish and effective workspaces for over two decades. Call us on 01243 558075