Office Fit Out Contractors London

Office Fit Out Contractors London

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Specialist Office Fit Out Contractors London

An office move is never just about changing the physical space you work in; it’s also about refreshing the spatial dynamic of your work space. We all know how it feels when an office space has drained of energy over time; motivation slips and productivity starts to slide. Working with experienced London fit-out specialists can reinvigorate professional relationships and boost office output.

Designing Effective Office Fit-Outs

More often than not, clients tell us they need office fit-out designs that:

  • Enhance internal communication.
  • Encourage team work.
  • Allow for inter-departmental collaboration.
  • Emphasise the inclusiveness of the workplace.

These statements reflect the changing culture of the 21st century workplace. Gone are the days when everyone worked in silos from 9.00-5.00 and routines rarely changed. The office is now a far more fluid environment, with people working flexibly and requiring an adaptable environment for meetings with clients and colleagues.

StanLil – London Fit-Out Specialists

StanLil has been designing office fit outs in London for over a decade now, and we’re specialists when it comes to creating a professional aesthetic that allows for creative working practices. We use a range of materials to transform interior environments:

Partitioningdry lining partitions are a flexible and efficient way to define your office space. Whether you need fully functioning walls to create a meeting room, or lightweight dividers to facilitate team working, partitioning is a quick and easy way to achieve your aims.

Glazed Partitioning – we all need our daily dose of natural light. Why? Because it makes us feel good and work better. StanLil fit glazed partitions to amplify the natural light in your office space, enhance well-being and increase productivity. Best of all, they create an elegant aesthetic for visiting clients.

Underfloor/Ceiling Storage – cabling is the curse of the contemporary office. Not only is it a safety hazard, it also clogs up the floor space, and clutters the environment. We create instant storage by adding a false ceiling, or raised access floor. Your cables disappear, but remain easily accessible.

Professional Fit-Out Contractors For London

As London fit-out specialists we’re used to working in highly pressured environments where the deadlines are tight and the expectations are high. StanLil contractors have chosen to work with dry lining materials because they’re flexible and labour-saving to work with. They allow us to work fast, manage our resources efficiently, and effect significant change with the minimum disruption to daily routines.

Working With London Fit-Out Specialists

If you’re moving office, or your office environment could do with a refresh, StanLil contractors can offer advice, creative ideas and practical suggestions. We always start out by developing a brief for the logistical changes required, and the associated environmental aims. If you can tell us what you want to achieve, we can design and fit-out your new office space for you.

The StanLil team is made up of skilled designers and fit-out specialists that bring a wealth of experience to each project. This combination of skills and experience means that we are able to maintain high standards of quality and craftsmanship, whilst consistently hitting our clients’ deadlines.

If you need advice, or creative ideas, for your office fit-out in London, call us today to find out how we can support your project.