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How Do We Prevent Another Grenfell?

Cladding in construction is used to provide thermal insulation, some degree of weather resistance, and aesthetic improvements to a building’s exterior wall. It can be fashioned out of a variety of materials, including wood, metal, brick, vinyl, and composite materials that are a combination of those materials. The cladding is usually installed with an air […]

5 Factors to look for in a Construction Main Contractor

If you’re planning to pursue any construction projects for your commercial property, hiring the right contractor can make a significant difference in the result of your project. Whether it’s a complete refurbishment of a building, an office redesign or industrial renovation, the hired contractor has so much impact on the materials used, the timeline and […]

Covid-19 Update

It has now been a month since the UK Government imposed restrictions on movement and the trading of certain ‘non-essential’ businesses. Since this time, it has been a challenging time for everyone as we all adapt to new working conditions, new education methods for children and restricted options for socialising and outdoor activities. No industry […]

Choosing The Right Contractor For Your Project

A retail fit-out means creating an unfinished space into a commercial area, usually done for retail tenants. Such projects entail much time and energy, not to mention a well-compensated budget. Due to this, planning out an retail fit-out project can be incredibly draining and stressful. Important decisions must be made in terms of the overall […]

Cladding – The Only Way Is Down

The outstanding question “is your cladding fire rating acceptable” is one pressing on the minds of all those living in any building with a cladding or even rendered fascia to the property. The continued uncertainty is creating an ever-growing number of residences across the UK to find themselves stuck in a seemingly hopeless mortgage trap […]

Office Design and Fit Out

Office Design and Fit Out There are two ways of looking at office design. Either it’s a major headache that’s going to upset everybody, and disrupt business. Or it’s an opportunity to re-boot the workforce, inspire confidence, and up energy levels. For over two decades now, the StanLil team has been creating the latter for […]

Factory Fit Out and Refurbishment

Factory Fit Out and Refurbishment There are two things every factory or warehouse manager is looking for; the first is efficiency,which is key to achieving the second – productivity. Whilst people are the focus of this goal, the environment in which they work is critical. A work environment that’s poorly designed, or lacking basic health […]

Fit Out Company Sussex

Looking for a Fit Out Company in Sussex? Sussex is home to some of the most popular and successful seaside resorts in the UK. Their location, just an hour from London, makes Brighton, Hastings and Eastbourne prime locations for business. StanLil has been providing fit outs across this beautiful county for over two decades now. […]

Educational Fit Outs for London

Educational Fit Outs for London The education sector is currently dealing with a whole range of 21st century challenges. These include the need for larger classes in schools, a more diverse student population, and increased competition between higher education establishments. These new challenges require a whole new set of solutions from fit out companies, and […]