Dry Lining Surrey

Dry Lining Surrey

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Multiple Uses for Dry Lining Surrey

Sitting on the summit of Box Hill, in the summer, with a picnic, gazing over the North Downs it’s easy to imagine that time passes slowly and luxuriously in Surrey. Actually, it’s quite the opposite. This county houses London’s commuters, oil giants, major electronics manufacturers and some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. Surrey is a power house for Britain, and it’s always on the move.

StanLil Dry Lining in Surrey

The StanLil team knows how busy the people of Surrey are because we supply their dry lining, and the requirements are consistently high. Whether it’s the re-purposing of domestic space, an office re-design or an apartment block refurbishment we find ourselves constantly criss-crossing this beautiful county as we help to keep the wheels of Surrey’s industry turning.

What is Dry Lining?

Dry lining has become increasingly popular over the past few years, because it replaces the lengthy process of traditional plasterwork with a simple and flexible solution that takes a fraction of the time. It’s a plasterboard which is attached directly to the wall using either industrial adhesive, a metal or timber framework, or screws. It’s fast to install, there’s no waiting around for the plaster to dry, and the resulting surface is paint-ready.

Any Other Advantages to Dry Lining Surrey

The plasterboard that forms the basis of the dry lining installation comes in a large range of sizes and thicknesses, dependent on the use to which it’s being put. For bathrooms and wet rooms, there a wax coated, moisture resistant dry lining. It’s also a insulator which holds heat in and minimises the risk of insulation. Finally it helps to damp down echoey acoustics, and specialist plasterboard is available to enhance this function.

Dry Lining for Surrey Homes

Families use their homes differently as their children arrive, grow and develop into young adults. We do a lot of work on homes that are re-purposing rooms for changing needs. Dry lining partitions are quick to install and provide the means to change the shape of a room, or create two rooms out of one. And when circumstances change again, it’s a simple process to remove, or reposition the partitioning to create a new shape.

Dry Lining Ceilings and Floors for Offices

One of the biggest challenges for British businesses is the tangle of networking cabling that threatens to engulf our office floors. The StanLil team spends quite a bit of its time creating storage space for cabling either in the ceiling, or under the floor. We use dry lining panels to maximise available space by expanding outwards, and creating an accessible, and yet totally hidden, void.

Transforming Space for High End Retail

The turnaround time for transforming retail spaces can be dizzying, and often it happens around customers. Shopping experiences are a bit like film sets; there’s a requirement to sculpt space, create instant elegance, and provide a quality finish at top speed. We take pride in the reputation we have built, at StanLil, for excellent work delivered to deadline and on budget.

As interior specialist contractors in Surry, the StanLil team chooses their materials carefully, and brings their extensive experience in working with those materials, to create beautiful craftsmanship fast.

If you have an interior project that could benefit from dry lining, call our specialist team today on 01243 558075 to find out how we can support you.