Suspended Ceiling Ideas

Suspended Ceiling Ideas

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Suspended Ceiling Ideas from StanLil Contractors

There are numerous practical reasons why you might want to install a suspended ceiling in your home:

  • To hide cabling or pipe-work
  • Covering a cracked or damaged plaster workmanship
  • Enhancing the acoustic quality of the space
  • Insulation
  • Storage

If, however, you look beyond the practical, to the decorative potential of the false ceiling, you’ll discover multiple new possibilities for your home. The StanLil team has been creating a number of inspiring feature ceilings recently, so we thought we’d share some of our design ideas.

1. Create Ceiling Partitions

If you have an open-plan living space you may be looking for ways to differentiate between the dining area and the living area. Two discrete suspended ceiling panels can subtly change the dynamics of the space below. This can be highlighted by the use of lights embedded in the panels. Alternately you might choose the use a different colour, or texture for each of the ceiling pieces.

2. Corridors of Power

Inspiration can run a bit thin when it comes to the transition spaces in our homes but it’s an opportunity wasted. A false ceiling installed in a narrow corridor draws the eye upward and suggests height and space. Install runway lights to create a the dynamic of movement as the eye travels along them. Suddenly the corridor becomes an elevating experience between rooms.

3. A Cosy Corner Piece

Looking for somewhere to curl up with a book and let the world drift away? Why not choose a corner, and define it with a small square suspended ceiling panel? Use dry lining to create book shelves and an alcove. Fit this defined space with warm, concealed lighting, drop a couple of large cushions on the floor, and enjoy.

4. Combine a False Ceiling With Coving and Plasterwork

A plain dropped soffit is ideal for a minimalist design, but suppose you have a large room traditionally styled? In this case sunken panels, enhanced with coving and decorative plasterwork can provide a focus to draw the eye upward. The effect is one of space being stretched outward, as the dimensions of the room are playfully, and stylishly extended.

5. Drop a Designer Element into Your Room

Whilst the majority of suspended ceiling ideas involve lifting the eyes upward, they can also create an eye-catching ‘wow factor’ right in the centre of your space. By placing a false ceiling panel above a table (large or small) you define your space. Then you hang a lighting feature from the ceiling to create illumination and focus. Think pendant lamps, or even a bold chandelier.

“If You Can Imagine it, We Can Create It”

Each of the suspended ceiling ideas we’ve suggested can be quickly adapted and installed by the StanLil team in your home. We use dry lining materials for flexible, fast installation which creates minimal disruption to your domestic routines. Stunning design can be achieved using the simplest of touches – so start thinking about how your ceilings can transform your living spaces.

Want to know more about creative suspended ceilings? Call the StanLil team today on 01243 558075 for a range of ideas to transform your home.