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Dry Lining Contractors for Surrey

Interior Specialist Dry Lining Contractors for Surrey

StanLil Contractors has been providing specialist interior dry lining services in Surrey for over fifteen years now. Our interior services for Surrey are highly sought after because our friendly team of contractors combine experience and expertise. Not only can we create beautiful interiors fast, using state-of-the-art materials, but we demonstrate a pride in the craftsmanship of our finish, which brings the professionalism of the bespoke interior into the 21st century home or business.

Why Choose Dry Lining Contractors for Surrey?

Over the years, we have learnt to select the materials which ideally serve the needs of our customers in Surrey. We are dry lining specialists because these are the materials that give us flexibility, speed, and precision when providing interior services for Surrey. We begin by installing light steel, or timber frames directly to the walls and ceilings. We then attaching plasterboard panels to the framework, joining the edges with tape to create a beautifully smooth surface for subsequent skimming. There’s no waiting for plaster to dry, the panels are paint ready as soon as they’re installed.

Beautiful Interiors from Dry Lining Contractors for Surrey

Our dry-lining specialists have years of experience working with these materials under their belts; they know what can be achieved and they’re always happy to work creatively with Surrey clients to find solutions for their homes or commercial premises.

Dry Lining Ceilings – changing the shape of a ceiling can alter the ambiance of a room completely. We created funky bedrooms by adding sloping ceilings, and elegant dining areas through the addition of a floating ceiling, or cornice work.

Dry Lining Partitions partitions are a great way to adapt to changing circumstances in your home – perhaps your kids need space to game or study, perhaps you want to change the work/life balance by creating an office space in your home. Partitions sculpt space instantly for changing lives.

Dry Lining Walls – If you’re moving into a new office space, or you’re growing your family, adding a new wall to create more rooms can be just the solution you’re looking for. We can create solid partitioning walls that insulate sound, and provide a robust solution to space creation.

Specialist Dry Lining Contractors for Surrey

Whether you need a retail fit-out in a rush, you’re taking on staff but don’t want to move your business premises, or you need to re-purpose your home, give us a ring to talk through your project. We’re happy to develop your ideas, or offer creative suggestions if that’s what you need. We’re friendly interior specialists with a great range of products to transform your space – ready to start when you are!

Skills, Experience and Professionalism: these are the qualities you can expect from StanLil Contractors. Contact us today if you require Dry Lining Contractors for Surrey and surrounding areas, or for further info take a look at all of our interior solutions.