Drylining for Sussex

Drylining for Sussex

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Dry Lining for Sussex – StanLil Can Help

When it comes to making uneven surfaces smooth and ready for decorating, dry lining offers an effective and affordable solution that can be used on walls and ceilings. As a preferred supplier of dry lining for Sussex, our experts at StanLil will produce a premium finish for interiors walls using their expert knowledge of the dry lining process.

Why Chose Dry Lining Over Traditional Plaster Render

Uneven walls, masonry walls and brickwork of any kind can be levelled and made good using a wet sand and cement render or plaster. Whilst this traditional method can produce an effective result, it can take far longer to apply and to dry, and cost considerably more.

Dry lining is lighter than wet plaster and is very flexible, meaning it can be removed or re-configured as and when necessary. Another valuable ingredient of the dry lining process is that it can increase thermal insulation making it perfect for conditions that may be prone to condensation.

How Do We Apply Dry Lining?

As a highly regarded Sussex dry lining company, we work with a variety of clients who are looking to see first class results in a short space of time. The application process for dry lining is quick and easily undertaken by our professional interior contractors.

Using a series of dots of a pre-prepared plaster and adhesive mix, known as “dabs”, various widths, lengths and thicknesses of plasterboard can be attached to both walls and ceilings and completed within a matter or hours.

Effectively Insulate Your Space

Dry lining is not only an effective way to quickly produce smooth walls and ceilings, it is also an excellent way to keep your interior spaces well insulated. Our dry lining contractors in Sussex can fit insulating boards directly behind the plasterboard. If you are concerned about damp permeating the walls, the installation of a vapour barrier is also effective.

Dry lining can be used throughout most rooms in the home, as well as commercial environments. By installing a wax-coated, moisture resistant type of board it can even be used in wet rooms, bathrooms and showers.

Dry Lining By Design

Because of the flexible nature of plasterboard cladding, our interior contractors in Sussex can use it to transform a wide variety of internal spaces. It can be used to hide unattractive pipes and wires and improve the acoustics of a room as well as smooth out uneven surfaces.

Dry lining can change the appearance of any room, and can be used to hide irregularities and create the illusion of more space. Our Sussex dry lining company has been involved in a wide variety of commercial projects where the dry lining process has been used to completely transform prestigious retail premises and commercial spaces.

StanLil – Dry Lining for Sussex

Our dry lining contractors in Sussex are highly skilled and regularly install plasterboard for our clients. We begin with the “fixing” stage where we ensure that all panels are correctly cut to size, and securely attached to the walls, timber, metal frames or ceiling joists using special studs.

Our team will then “finish” the walls by sealing joints using a filler, skimming over the tape and sanding down the board ready for painting and decorating.

Call our specialist dry lining contractors for Sussex today to see how we can help, on 01243 558075.