Rainscreen Cladding

What is Rainscreen Cladding?

What is Rainscreen Cladding?

Cladding serves two key functions; first, it provides a stylish exterior for domestic, public and industrial buildings, and second it offers enhanced protection, insulation and weather-proofing for the external structure.

Rainscreen cladding is a specialist construction which has been specifically designed to offer weather protection for buildings. It comprises:

  • Weather resistant skin
  • Ventilation cavity
  • Inner seal protection against moisture
  • Thermal insulation

Effective Weather Proofing from Rainscreen Cladding

As the weather becomes more extreme – and unpredictable – innovative protective products are required. Rainscreen cladding guarantees protection against sustained periods of high, or low, temperatures, driving rain, strong winds and UV radiation.

  1. Outer Layer. This is the first line of resistance against rain, wind and UV rays. Typically it would be made from a strong, durable material such as aluminium, polished stone or tiling.
  2. Inner Layer. Rainscreen cladding keeps building completely dry, because no moisture is allowed to reach the protected structure.
  3. Air Ventilation. Should any water droplets make their way past the outer cladding, air ventilation ensures that moisture evaporates, or is drained away.
  4. Insulation. This ensures that energy loss is minimised. The building retains heat during the winter and stays cool throughout the summer.

All 4 elements work together to create a system which allows the building to breathe, whilst being fully protected against whatever the weather throws at it.

Rainscreen Cladding Looks Stylish

Whilst the emphasis is obviously on weather-proofing the building’s structure, rainscreen cladding is still able to create a good looking finish. The external layer can be crafted in brick, terracotta tiles, marble, coloured (PPC) aluminium, or high pressure laminate (HPL). Given the range of colours, materials and textures available, there’s no reason to limit vision or design when choosing a premium weather-proofing system.

A Top Quality Cladding System Maintains the Building for You

Whilst the headline is weather protection, rainscreen cladding also maintains the condition of a building’s external walls. This minimises the potential for costly repairs down the line, and offers peace of mind when considering the value of the property. Should repairs or maintenance to either the external walls, or cladding, become necessary, panels can be removed individually.

Superior Insulation Improves Sustainability

The thermal insulation provided by rainscreen cladding, reduces the energy that is lost through the external walls of the building. This provides a more comfortable – and productive – workspace inside, but it also lowers the carbon footprint of the structure as a whole. Saving energy also saves money – by keeping heat inside the building, energy bills are reduced.

Sound-Proofing is an Added Benefit

Clients who’ve had their building protected with rainscreen cladding notice a difference immediately. But often it takes a while to know what that difference is. The insulating qualities of the cladding also act as a powerful soundproofing system. If your building’s located near a busy road, or in a city centre, you’ll find that life becomes a lot quieter after rainscreen cladding’s installed.

StanLil are Rainscreen Cladding Installers

The StanLil team are skilled external cladding installers, with years of experience to bring to businesses, domestic clients, and industrial plants. We’ll always take the time to visit your premises, assess your building, and advise on the cladding systems that would be best suited for installation. We provide free no obligation quotes for all our clients.

Are you looking for cladding that looks stylish and provides comprehensive weather proofing? Call StanLil to talk to us about rainscreen cladding – 01243 558075