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External Envelope & Cladding Systems


External cladding provides thermal insulation and weather resistance for buildings. It also makes them look great! External cladding systems come in a range of colours, materials and textures dependent on the look you require. If you want to increase the value of your home, or make your business premises stand out from the rest, cladding is a great way to achieve it.

The UK Government has requested that all unsafe ACM and non-ACM cladding is replaced and in many cases is providing grants for the building owners and responsible parties.  See our ACM cladding replacement and Non-ACM Cladding replacement pages for more information.


1. Aluminium

Aluminium is a superbly flexible material which is favoured because it can be shaped into curves or angles to suit the architectural design of the building. It’s is also a comparatively light construction material which lightens the load on the structure. Cladding comes in a flat sheet type, or as part of a composite system. Composites are easy to maintain, durable, and keep their sheen for years.

2. Wood Cladding

This sustainable cladding option is fast becoming one of the most popular choices. It comes in a number of different wood materials, grades and finishes. Whilst the primary function of cladding is decorative, the natural insulating qualities of wood cladding will add to the thermal insulation of your home.

3. Stone Cladding

Stone external cladding systems are made up of a thin layer of stone, laid on top of a material such as concrete. You can choose from a range of stone finishes including granite, sandstone, or limestone. The beauty of the natural textures and colours gives your property a unique external design, whilst providing a lightweight, weatherproof shell for your property.

External Cladding Installation

We are CHAS, SafeContractor and Constructionline approved, and we are committed to ongoing health and safety training for all our employees and sub-contractors

Reliable Exterior Cladding Installers

We’re a mature business which has maintained consistently high standards for over 20 years. We prize efficient teamwork highly, and we apply our standards of professionalism whether we’re working in a domestic, commercial or industrial environment. This means that we can guarantee that all our work will come come in on time, and to budget.

External Cladding Installation

Quick and Efficient Cladding Installation

StanLil specialises in the installation of commercial and domestic cladding systems. We can offer detailed advice and guidance on the best materials to use on your external walls. And we’ll give you detailed price guides to ensure that you make the most of your budget. StanLil installers always offer flexible scheduling, and we guarantee minimal disruption to business.

Safety Always Comes First For StanLil

A safe working environment is always a priority for the StanLil installation team. We carry out detailed risk assessments prior to work commencing, and our team are all trained to adhere to H&S regulations at all times. Every single StanLil employee has had extensive experience working with cladding, and can be trusted to bring the strictest safeguards to their work.

StanLil is an Experienced External Cladding Installer

Over the past two decades StanLil installers have installed external cladding systems for schools, domestic properties, factories and office buildings. We’ve used a range of materials and provided advice and guidance to hundreds of clients. We can create the exterior you’re looking for, and we’ll always do our best to provide it within the budget you have available.

StanLil has the expertise to design and install the external cladding for your property. Call us today to find out how we can support you.