Raised Access Flooring Contractors London

Raised Access Flooring Contractors London

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In any decade there’s a trend-setting aesthetic which determines the ‘look’ for shops, offices and homes. Currently the aesthetic leans towards people-centred spaces that feature meeting spaces, and encourage relationships and conversations. Clutter is most definitely ‘out’, as is ugly cabling or legacy tech. As a result, businesses are hungry for new kinds of storage spaces.

Raised access flooring first emerged in the 1960s but it has become more and more relevant with each subsequent decade. Simply put, it is a floor created on top of a solid floor slab, leaving a handy storage void between the two. As raised access flooring contractors in London, we’re experiencing rapid growth in enquiries about this easy solution to storage problems.

The Advantages of Raised Access Flooring

The raised access floor system is made up of panels supported on a grid of pedestals. The panels can be fixed, or not, in order to allow for easy access to tech, cabling or air conditioning equipment stored in the void. The panels now come in a huge range of textures and colours, including granite, porcelain, PVC or wood. Further advantages include:

  • The flooring system can be raised over a meter, which allows for the possibility of levelling floors at different heights.
  • Cabling is contained in the void, turning the office space into a tech clutter-free zone.
  • The design of the system allows for it to bear heavy loads without problem.
  • Air conditioning can be operated from the flooring.
  • Power, energy, communication and data base systems can be housed under the floor.
  • Easy access to wiring, air-conditioning equipment reduces the costs of repairs and servicing.

StanLil are Specialist Contractors Expertise and Experience in Raised Access Flooring

The StanLil design and installation team have been installing raised access flooring for businesses, retail outlets, and commercial buildings in London for over a decade and we now have extensive expertise and experience in this area. Our clients in London know that they can trust us to deliver on deadline, to budget, without compromising on the craftsmanship and quality of the end product.

We work with raised access flooring systems that deliver maximum value to our London clients. Knauf GIFAfloor is an interlocking tongue and groove system that can be ordered to specific sizes. We recommend it for installations where time and quality is of the essence. This type of flooring easily accommodates any kind of flooring finish and utilises advanced pedestal technology to provide second-to-none load bearing.

Raised Access Flooring Contractors London With a Great Reputation

Much of the work we do in London comes through word-of-mouth recommendations from clients who have been delighted with the ways in which our use of adaptable materials create cost-effective solutions to 21st century business requirements. Our friendly team understands the pressures of working in a commercial environment, and consistently provide a professional service with flexible scheduling.

If you are looking for an open plan design, free from the tangle of cabling that you may have accumulated over the years, call StanLil today for innovative raised access flooring designs that solve your storage problems and serve your aesthetic requirements at the same time.