Office Interior Design London

Office Interior Design London

StanLil Offers Experienced Office Interior Design in London

According to Government statistics, there are 5.7 million private sector businesses working in the UK with a third of those are located in London, or the South East. They all have offices in this area, and will inevitably require fit outs, design and builds, and the occasional rebrand. StanLil works with all kinds of London businesses, creating the workplaces they require to work efficiently.

For over 20 yeas now we’ve been recognised as specialist interior contractors when it comes to office interior design in London. We’ve developed a highly skilled team over that time, and we’re able to offer a comprehensive set of services for businesses, whether they’re moving into their first office, or establishing themselves in larger premises.

Office Design Services in London

At StanLil, our goal is always to offer high quality craftsmanship, and effective design, whilst offering minimal disruption to business. We achieve this in a range of different ways, including:

1. Fit Out Specialists in London

Whether you’re refurbishing your office space, or moving into a purpose built space, you’ll need a fit out company. A fit out makes your space ‘fit for purpose’. Often this involves the installation of partitions, raised access flooring ,electrics, and finishings. It can also, however, integrate basic design elements regarding work flow, visitor perception, and the creation of flexible work spaces.

2. Office Design and Build

Design and build contracts are always fascinating projects to be a part of. A business owner will normally contact us for advice on a design that’s required to reflect changing work patterns. Our design team will spend time watching how employees work. Then, we’ll create a design that’s informed by our observations – with the aim of maximising productivity, improving motivation and enhancing well-being across the team.

3. Office Interior Design in London

However large, or small, the office, businesses want a design that makes the very most of their floor space. At StanLil many of the office interior designs or refurbishments we work on are for businesses that have have already shifted from desk-based work to a far more flexible use of the environment. We’ll incorporate the range of spaces required. This may include quiet zones, group meeting areas, sociable spots and branded client reception spaces.

4. Office Rebranding

A successful brand speaks of the values a business is currently pursuing. Which is why a brand refresh is important for every office space on a regular basis. The StanLil team are equally adept at working to set brand guidelines, or helping businesses to think about how they might best demonstrate their values via colour, texture and finish.

Why Choose StanLil for Office Interior Design in London?

StanLil Contractors has been around a long time now, and our clients know that we can be trusted to provide reliable, high quality services. Every design job we take on is headed up by a professional project manager. Their role is to schedule the work in collaboration with clients, liaise with 3rd party contractors, manage the budget efficiently and deliver the work on deadline.

Looking for first class office interior design in London? StanLil specialist interior contracts have over 20 years’ experience, and provide second-to-none craftsmanship on every job.