Educational Fit Outs for London

Educational Fit Outs for London

The education sector is currently dealing with a whole range of 21st century challenges. These include the need for larger classes in schools, a more diverse student population, and increased competition between higher education establishments. These new challenges require a whole new set of solutions from fit out companies, and nowhere is the pressure being felt so keenly as in London.

StanLil Provides Educational Fit Out Solutions

As a specialist fit out contractor, with over two decades of experience working in London, much of what we do exists at the cutting edge of social change. New ways of working, teaching, or providing student services require new kinds of spaces. We’re experts when it comes to creating multi-purpose educational spaces which fulfil a complex client brief.

Educational Fit Outs That Deliver on Functionality, Durability and Aesthetics

StanLil contractors has a trusted team of specialists in the creation of educational interiors. They understand the range of specialist activities that take place in this unique environment. The resulting spaces reflect an understanding of contemporary teaching spaces, and the specific sector they’re working in, be it primary, secondary or higher education. Whether our London clients are looking for a lecture theatre, a reception classroom, or a Student Union office, Stanlil can deliver.

What Do StanLil Educational Fit Outs for London Deliver?

Whilst we can offer basic educational fit out services, our experience tells us that many of our London clients are looking for a broader set of services. We’re able to offer a range of services to the education sector, therefore:

  • Fit Out. This may be defined as preparing an empty space for teaching, administration, or research activities. The skills required may include: electrical installation, carpentry, security installation, finishing, joinery and mechanical works. We guarantee that each project will be completed to deadline, and will adhere to the highest standards.
  • Refurbishment. Change is the new normal in the educational sector, and StanLil can help you to stay ahead of the curve. We can provide prompt and efficient refurbishment which may involve paintwork, partitioning, re-purposing spaces, redesigning lighting, or new signage.
  • Design and Build. As work patterns and teaching practices change, spaces require a new design concept to accommodate, support and facilitate them. Our specialist team will take time to observe work patterns, and then build the space required to nurture them. In this process we work closely with stakeholders in order to achieve the environment they need to produce their very best work.

StanLil Offers Project Managed Educational Services

Key to the quality and efficiency of our educational fit outs for London are our professional project managers. They work closely with clients to create scheduling that reflects the academic timetable whilst producing an efficient workflow. Throughout the project they manage third party contractors, and ensure that the work is delivered to deadline, and on budget.

StanLil Contractors provides a wealth of specialist skills and experience for educational fit outs in London, facilitated by a professional team of project managers.