Metsec Installers

METSEC Installers

StanLil Contractors are METSEC Installers

METSEC is a global producer of Steel Framing Systems (SFS), with over 500 hundred business locations in 50 countries. They’re highly thought of across the construction industry, both for the quality of their products and the level of support they offer to clients. Key to the sustained quality of their output is the in-house training METSEC installers are required to commit to. StanLil takes pride in the fact that we are METSEC trained and have worked extensively with their Steel Framing System (SFS).

What is a Steel Framing System?

SFS will normally be used for infill walling. As such, it offers a structural frame for internal walls.

 There are numerous benefits to utilising METSEC SFS, including:

  • Pre-engineered. The METSEC products are manufactured and then cut to specific lengths, ready for installation. Alternatively, standard lengths are available that can be cut on site.
  • Efficient. There’s no wasted time with METSEC products. The SFS is entirely dry so ‘waiting time’ is eliminated, which cuts down on labour and handling.
  • Sustainable. SFS is recognised as the Gold Standard for Sustainability by the Steel Construction Industry. It’s manufacture significantly reduces waste and the building’s carbon footprint.
  • Weatherproof. Once the SFS is in place, the building is weatherproof. This speeds up construction as work can continue even if the weather is bad.


SFS Continuous Walling. We’ll use this method when the design team are looking for a way to maximise the internal floor area available to them. Or they may be using a type of cladding that doesn’t allow for horizontal deflection joints at each floor level. Characteristic to continuous walling is the fact that it oversails the edge of the primary structure, and would normally be constructed from the outside of the building.

High Bay Walling. Where a factory, or large warehouse requires high, internal separating walls, we would consider installing high bay walling. These require a detailed bespoke spec as they’re manufactured by METSEC within hot rolled steel portal frames before being transported to the site for installation.

Load Bearing SFS. METSEC’s flexible load bearing structures are highly efficient, and offer the added benefit of reduced transport, and crane, costs. What makes the panels effective as a load bearing structure is the axial capacity of the SFS studs. These operate as a series of columns, with joist provided for the roof and floor construction. The structures would normally be ‘stick built’ on site.

Infill Walling. This is the way that we normally find ourselves working with METSEC SFS. The process is to work from the inside, ‘infilling’ the wall area from top to bottom. This is also the most popular use of METSEC products as it tends to be the most economical solution they offer!

Why Work With StanLil Contractors?

METSEC is one of the many systems we work with that provides speed, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and above all quality for our clients. We’re all working to tighter and tighter deadlines. StanLil Contractors carefully selects the materials that offer clients maximum speed without a reduction in the craft and standards that we bring to our work.

Looking for METSEC installers? StanLil have over 20 years experience as specialist interior contractors, and we’re METSEC trained. Call us on 01243558075