What is Metsec SFS

What is Metsec SFS?

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What is Metsec SFS?

The Steel Framing System (SFS) is what made the construction of the iconic skyscraper possible. Back in 1892 a load-bearing skeletal framework was created in order to relieve the strain off the brick walls of the Rand McNally Building in Chicago. This allowed the building to grow taller, and the city scape was changed forever.

Now this ground-breaking technique is used in construction projects across the globe. Its popularity is due to the versatility of the material and the flexibility of the light gauge galvanised structural framing designs. They’re now used in a number of applications across the construction industry.

A Pre-Engineered Framework

SFS provides a pre-engineered solution comprising a lightweight structure which creates a steel frame for the building. The frame comprises steel columns and horizontal beams, constructed in the form of a grid, with the purpose of supporting the building to which it is attached. One of the primary objectives of the SFS is to provide early weather protection for the protected structure.

What are the Benefits of Working With METSEC SFS?

1. Enhanced Productivity and Efficiency

The steel parts are pre-engineered which means that they arrive on site, ready to erect. There’s no longer any need for cutting or measuring on-site. This reduces the margin of error which, in turn, saves time. Once in place, the building is weather proof, allowing site teams to proceed with the construction more efficiently than when using traditional infill.

2. Strong but Lightweight

Steel is an extremely dense metal which makes it strong and durable. Steel frames are lightweight and flexible to use, but it has an almost unrivalled ability to withstand adverse weather conditions, fire and seismic activities. METSEC SFS walls are lighter than block walls, which means they put less pressure on the floors of the building.

3. Colour Coded For Ease of Use

SFS products are colour coded to allow for easy identification on site. The colours align to the thickness of the product, and the colours are cross-referenced to initial design drawings. This minimises the risk of mistakes, and maximises the speed of implementation by on site teams.

4. Environmentally Friendly

Steel is manufactured from recycled materials, and the recycling process is continuous. In fact, with 80 tons every year being recycled, steel is the world’s most recycled product. The precision cutting of the steel parts used in METSEC SFS provides buildings with an air-tight, sealed envelope creating the perfect conditions for thermal insulation.

Leading Innovation in Construction

StanLil uses METSEC SFS because it provides us with the innovative materials we need to help customers realise their design ideas. METSEC SFS is distinguished by the fact that it has been awarded British Standards Institution (BSI) Kitemarks for architecture, engineering and construction. This demonstrates the commitment of the framework developers and designers to creating an innovative product that saves time and costs on site.

If you would like to know more about the design and construction projects we’ve completed using METSEC SFS, call us today.