Factory Fit Out

Factory Fit Out and Refurbishment

Factory Fit Out and Refurbishment

There are two things every factory or warehouse manager is looking for; the first is efficiency,which is key to achieving the second – productivity. Whilst people are the focus of this goal, the environment in which they work is critical. A work environment that’s poorly designed, or lacking basic health and safety features, can slow down employees, de-motivate them, and impact heavily on business.

The StanLil industrial fit out team has seen first hand the difference a professional fit out can make to a workforce. With over two decades of experience in industrial design, fit out and refurbishment, we provide the solutions your business could be looking for. We specialise in the installation of pallet racking, flooring, mezzanines, storage and stacking.

Industrial Fit Out

Our factory fit out services are appropriate where a client is moving into new premises and requires it to be ‘made ready’ as a workspace. We’ll carefully develop the spec from the client’s brief and get sign-off before commencing work. Our professional project managers will schedule the fit out, liaise with 3rd party contractors, and maintain clear and informative lines of contact with the client. They will also ensure that the work is completed to deadline, and on budget.

Industrial Design & Space Optimisation

As a leading fit out contractor, we’re often asked by clients to contribute to factory design, or advise on space optimisation options. Where this is the case we’ll spend time initially to understand the business goals, and consider how design can help to achieve them. Our design team will then come up with a range of ideas for feedback, leading to sign off on the preferred option.

Once the design is agreed, we’ll manage the rest. Our skilled project teams have worked together for years and can be relied upon to achieve high quality craftsmanship even when the deadline is tight. Our project managers will ensure that the work is achieved within the agreed time-frame by working closely with StanLil contractors to achieve the most efficient process to completion.

Factory and Warehouse Refurbishment

Working practices have changed dramatically over the past 20 years, but many workspaces have failed to evolve. The StanLil team are often asked to bring a workplace into the 21st century. This can involve re-flooring, changing shelving and fixtures, and – most often – creating space for digital tech. Our refurbishment process always start with us looking at how people operate in the existing environment. Then we work out how to make their lives easier.

StanLil are Experienced in Factory Fit Out and Refurbishment

StanLil Contractors know the industrial sector well, and understand the requirements and constraints of the workplace. More often than not, our industrial fit outs have to fit around ‘business as usual’. We’re used to this and will always schedule flexibly during weekends or overnight. Where we’re working alongside employees, we’re efficient, non-disruptive and always respectful of their work routines.

Looking for a professional provider of a factory fit out and refurbishment? StanLil is an experienced fit out contractor specialising in industrial fit outs – 0124 3558075