Fit Out Contractor

Fit Out Contractor

 5 Tips for Stress-Free Fit Out Success From Experienced Fit Out Contractor

Over the years the StanLil team have, for the most part, worked on fit outs that are delivered successfully to deadline. They tend not to be the ones you remember, though. The fit outs that stick in your mind are those where imprecise briefs, lack of communication on the part of the client, or a slow culture of response have made the process unwieldy, or inefficient.

When we encounter a problematic fit-out, we always review the job carefully. It’s important to us that we know what we could have done better to avoid challenges. But we also want to be able to offer clients tips on how to achieve a stress-free, successful fit out.

So, here are our 5 top tips based on 2 decades of experience:

1. Give 1 Person Responsibility for Seeing the Work Through

Key to the success of our fit out work are our project managers. They are the ‘lynch pin’ for operations, the source for all communications, and the person who is responsible for delivering to deadline. Clients who designate a project manager within the business, tend to see far better results than those who don’t. Any ambiguity about who’s in charge can add on days of wasted time.

2. Work With Fit Out Partners From The Start

Our fit out teams have worked on business and commercial fit outs of all sorts and sizes over two decades. They can save you huge amounts of precious time by knowing what questions need to be asked, and how to plan the logistics. Once you have us on board, enjoy the fact that you have a knowledgeable and experienced team in your corner.

3. Present a Clear Brief

We always work in detail with our clients on the brief, because it’s important that we all agree on what the fit out will comprise of. ‘Fit out’ is an umbrella term which can cover a whole range of activities. It’s useful to know from the start:

  • What’s the budget?
  •  What’s the range of work that needs to be covered?
  •  What are the deadlines associated with the task?

4. Get Employees Involved in the Process

As London fit out contractors, much of the work we do is high pressure, and the co-operation of company employees can be a real advantage. Getting them to buy into the process early on makes it much easier to progress the work. At StanLil we’re always happy to work unsociable hours on fit outs in order to facilitate a smooth process for employees. This kind of trade off can often make the difference in creating a more collaborative working environment.

5. Feedback, Feedback, Feedback

However tight the brief, there will be aspects of a fit out that require ongoing feedback. StanLil’s project managers are always careful to schedule in request for feedback on the ongoing work. Checking, feeding back, and discussing potential changes is much easier at this stage, than when the work is ready to sign off.

StanLil are Fit Out Specialists in London

We’re an established London fit out contractors that pride ourselves on providing high quality results with a fast turnaround for our clients. In order to do this we use highly skilled contractors and professional project managers who work to tight deadlines and agreed budgets.

Looking for professional and reliable fit out contractors in London? StanLil has a team ready and waiting to start work on your project. Contact us today to find out more.