Dry Lining in West Sussex

StanLil are Providers of Choice for Dry Lining in West Sussex

Dry Lining  in West Sussex • Suspended Ceilings • Partitioning • Commercial Interiors • Internal Plastering • Render • Screeding • Retail interiors • Shop Refits

For the past two decades StanLil contractors have been providing a broad range of dry lining services for contractors, shop fitters, domestic clients, and house builders across West Sussex. We specialise in interior fittings which means that we design and install shop interiors, office environments, family spaces, and new builds.

Why Dry Lining in West Sussex?

We’re dry lining contractors because the products provide a range of advantages for our customers:

  • Dry lining walls, ceilings and partitions can be installed quickly and require no delay for plastering or drying time.
  • Decorating dry lining walls or partitions can happen immediately, as the finish is smooth and paint-ready.
  • Dry lining fittings are easy to change, or adapt; as clients’ needs evolve so can the dry lining fittings in their environment.
  • ‘You imagine it and we’ll create it” is something we like to say to new clients, and with the range of sizes, finishes, and materials available in dry lining products we can always deliver – however wild your imaginings!
  • As dry lining professionals, we pride ourselves on producing a high-quality result, rich in traditional craftsmanship whilst utilising modern time-saving materials.
  • Lightweight, easy-to-install dry lining materials makes refitting you home, office or retail environment affordable.

Dry Lining Contractors Deliver Environmental Advantages

Dry lining cladding is fixed either directly to an internal wall, or to a framework of metal or timber. The fitting of dry lining walls creates a cavity which can be packed with insulating materials as an effective measure in the process of retaining heat in your home. As well as keeping the family warm and cosy, packing the cavity created by dry lining walls can also improve the acoustics of your domestic space and cut down on the potential for condensation.

StanLil Contactors Place Customers at the Heart of Their Dry Lining Business

We live in the county as well as providing dry lining in West Sussex, and we know that we’re just one of many dry lining companies in West Sussex. Whilst the professional services offered by most companies will be comparable, what our customers tell us in their feedback is that the care we take to understand their needs, comprehend their vision, and deliver a result that exceeds their expectation without time-consuming delays, is what differentiates our service from others. We’re proud to be a company that our customers want to recommend to their networks and we constantly seek ways to improve the range of services we provide.

Skills, Experience and Professionalism: these are the qualities you can expect from StanLil Contractors. Give us a call on 01243 558075 if you require Dry Lining in West Sussex and surrounding areas, or find out more on all our interior solutions.