Wall Partitions in West Sussex

StanLil Contractors Create Flexible Spaces with Wall Partitions in West Sussex

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We’ve all experienced the dreary, uninspiring office space that appears to be stuck in the 1970s, or the domestic interior that has failed to cope with the diverse needs of a family as their children grow into adults; at StanLil we are in the business of transforming ‘stuck’ interiors into flexible and dynamic environments which adapt to changing circumstances, rather than requiring occupants to work around the existing architecture. StanLil are interior specialist contractors, with over fifteen years’ experience of working with clients to create bespoke interiors, using contemporary dry lining materials that ensure a high-quality workmanship, delivered fast and efficiently.

Dry Lining Partition Wall Systems Create Adaptable Solutions

We are based in the beautiful location of West Sussex and over the years we have provided partition wall solutions for family homes, office spaces, retail outlets and new-builds across the county. Our partitioning systems can be installed fast, with the minimum of disruption to ‘business as usual’. The flexibility of our systems is due to the fact that our partition wall systems are designed to be non-loadbearing, meaning that they can be moved as and when necessary, without the messiness of building work. Once the partition wall is in place, there is no waiting around for plastering and the lengthy drying time that can entail; our dry lining wall partitions utilises plasterboard materials which provide a smooth finish supported on a lightweight structure.

StanLil Contractors Offer a Range of Wall Partitions in West Sussex

As specialist interior contractors, we are used to transforming interior spaces with the tightest of deadlines. Working with modern materials and techniques means that we can provide the spaces our clients need, without committing to a complete rebuild or refurbishment of the building structure. Our partitioning wall systems come in a range of materials, sizes, and finishes, making the creation of a dynamic space fast, easy, and affordable – without compromising on quality or workmanship.

Office Wall Partitions

Businesses expand and contract with the economy and it’s every company’s dream to find an office space that will adapt to fit their needs, rather than contemplating constant upsizing – or downsizing – over the years. At StanLil we have solved this problem for many local businesses by installing wall partitions in West Sussex that look solid and permanent to the outside eye but are, in fact, dynamic systems which can be reconfigured to accommodate changing circumstances. Glazed office wall partitions are a popular choice, as they provide privacy whist maintaining a communal ambiance, and their natural translucence improves the light quality of the space as a whole.

If you think your environment has ‘got stuck’ and needs a dynamic rethink, StanLil Contractors are always happy to offer advice, and ideas for transforming interiors fast and efficiently.

Skills, Experience and Professionalism: these are the qualities you can expect from StanLil Contractors. Give us a call on 01243 558075 if you require any kind of wall Partition for you business in West Sussex and surrounding areas, or find out more on all our interior solutions.