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Choosing The Right Contractor For Your Project

A retail fit-out means creating an unfinished space into a commercial area, usually done for retail tenants. Such projects entail much time and energy, not to mention a well-compensated budget. Due to this, planning out an retail fit-out project can be incredibly draining and stressful.

Important decisions must be made in terms of the overall plan, size of the sales area, the interior space expansion, and the location. Will you be having your retail fit-out in London, or another large city/conurbation? If so, certain permits need to be gathered.

Moreover, choosing the right contractors is necessary. They will make or break your project. Should you choose interior contractors available in London or perhaps other cities near you, such as Sussex or Surrey? With these in mind, we’ve gathered tips from the experts, which can serve as your ultimate guide to choosing the best contractors:

1 – Research on the company’s credibility and reputation

 Reliable building contractors have certain qualifications, accreditations and policies in place, all of which are presented to give you the assurance of credibility. These should state compliance in the health and safety of the environment, as well as any industry-specific skills.

In most instances, there are register or member lists that you can check to ensure that such credentials are genuine. Moreover, conduct online searches for potential contractors and from there, build a list. Also, speak to local companies and ask any possible contacts for recommendations and to gather information about their reputation – you can talk to their past clients and review their past projects.


2 – Gather a list of services and compare each

As previously described, your retail fit-out project encompasses a number of different services, including specific contractors. Depending on your needs, you may want to contact various contractors, perhaps specialising in fit-out projects and interior designs. You will also need to consult with experts for design, project management, and suppliers. Permits will also need to be gathered, all depending on your location.

As you plan, be clear on the contractors assigned to each service. At times, a turnkey solution may be just what you’re looking for. Here, a single contractor will provide you with every service you need, which will make everything much easier. Others prefer to seek specialists, ensuring that the best possible services will be provided. Either way, keeping a master list of services is key.


3 – Request for a detailed quotation containing all possible guarantees

 This part is where you can truly know whether your contractor delivers or not. Request for a detailed quotation and from there, assess whether they can give you true value for money. Scrutinise every single aspect of the quotation, ensuring that you’re happy with everything – even details in between. From here, also look for guarantees. They should be able to deliver on a budget as well as ensure a fixed schedule. Ensure that they understand their responsibilities and side of the deal.

With that in mind, don’t hesitate to bombard them with questions! Remember: a credible company will be more than willing to address any concerns you may have. If they’re not cooperative, then they may not be the contractor for you.


4 – Trust your instincts

 You’ve done your research, fully equipped with concrete information to discern and analysed each contractor on your list. Remember that price will likely be the top driver of your final decision, but other considerations should be kept in mind.

Do their approaches mirror your firm’s vision and mission? Do they prioritise the same core values? How has the communication exchange been so far? Have they been helpful and enthusiastic?

While the budget is necessary, such factors that come into play need thorough consideration, ultimately helping you choose the best possible contractor for your retail fit-out project.



 Choosing the right contractors is only a part of your retail fit-out project, but carefully planning it is necessary for your project’s success.

We have over 20 years of experience in internal and external construction, hiring us as your fit-out contractors may just be what you’re looking for! We provide you with comprehensive designs and solutions, too. Your retail fit-out project should be done your way after all. Get in touch with us to help you make it happen! Call us on 01243 558075 or send us an email and we’ll be happy to discuss.