Building Project During Lockdown

3 Reasons to Continue Your Building Project During Lockdown

The current pandemic affected a lot of businesses and industries. The lockdown implemented in the UK brought some services and functions to a stop. This situation, however, does not mean that your dream for a new commercial building renovation should stop.

You can always continue with your design and building plans, and now is actually the best time for you to do it. The current lockdown means you’ll be stuck inside your house for an indefinite period. Your activities at home will be limited, and you’ll have more time for yourself than you usually have.

Consider using this extra time for your project. Here are three reasons to continue your construction project amidst the lockdown and pandemic:


  1. More time to get creative and improve on current plans

As with many other countries, the UK is currently under lockdown, although measures are beginning to ease and the situation changes daily. While this put some social gatherings and unnecessary going out in halt, the construction and architecture industries has still continued some functions.

Instead of constantly worrying about the pandemic you cannot control or going online for random unproductive searches, take this “free time” as an opportunity to continue your design or re-designing project. Some construction consultants and architects are continuously working at home, so through online exchanges, you can consult with them.

You can also take advantage of the time and consider the current pandemic situation in your design plans. If you’re planning to do an office renovation, for example, you can focus on creating a space that provides enough physical distancing for all your employees. You can consider adding more colours or improve your overall office design to make their comeback to work more exciting and also relaxing.

Take this time to let your creativity flow and the positive results will follow.


  1. Maximise the low-interest rate

Due to the economic effects of the COVID-19, the Bank of England is forced to cut interest rates to an all-time low to manage the situation. Take this chance to get cheaper interest when borrowing money for your construction project. That is the only positive thing you can get from the whole situation.


  1. Escape the post-pandemic rush


A rush across all industries, most especially in the building and construction, is anticipated once the lockdown is lifted. More people will catch up on their construction and renovation plans. This means that the waiting time for council approval and maybe even in hiring construction contractors are expected to increase and experience delays because of the possible rise in project demand.

Take this time to prepare and submit all the necessary plans in advance. This way, whatever happens, you’ll be secured and ready for the next step of your building construction or renovation.



The current situation may be unpredictable, but sometimes it’s your dreams and plans that make the waiting worthwhile. Take this chance to become creative and efficient when it comes to your design and construction projects, and remember that the construction and architecture industry is still functioning and always ready to help.

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