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What Are Types of Commercial Construction & Design Projects?

No single construction or design project is the same. Though certain aspects such as the tools, equipment, and general structure of a project may be similar, varying elements can lump your project into a certain “type” that makes it more approachable for your contractor. Before sourcing a building contractor, take a look at the most common types of commercial projects that are in-demand in today’s marketplace.

Grocery and Retail Shops

For this type of project, the way the building is structured and laid out can dictate how much customers will end up frequenting it. A store’s interior and exterior must allow for fluid movement and provide a welcoming environment for shoppers.


Restaurant chains must conform to a set of guidelines enforced by their umbrella corporation. This is to ensure that every branch follows a recognisable theme to reinforce brand consistency. Individual establishments, on the other hand, might have the freedom to be a little more innovative in order to ensure that customers are enticed and comfortable and allow for employee versatility. It’s important to research your local regulations in order to meet safety measures, especially for your kitchen area.

Lodging Facilities

If you run a hotel or motel, ease of access, comfort, and privacy are the key aspects of a successful business. Most motel construction is fairly simple, whereas massive hotel projects can be extremely complex. If this is the case, you’ll want to work with an experienced contractor with the know-how of sound-proofing and intricate layouts, among other things.



Office buildings can make for incredibly varied projects, depending on whether you’re a smaller firm looking to incorporate basic facilities or a larger business with an entire skyscraper in mind. If you’re working on the latter, be sure to consult with various construction consultants that can best meet security and access needs.


Industrial Buildings

If you run a business that produces products on a daily basis, having a warehouse for your machines, equipment, and storage is a must. These buildings call for different ceiling heights and may require the addition of lower building levels. Ensure that your contractor is meeting your company’s safety standards to avoid the risk of accidents or other hazards.


Medical Facilities

Hospitals, clinics, and veterinary offices favour construction projects that ensure easy movement for both patients and personnel. These structures must account for having extra room for life-saving equipment while keeping facilities accessible and approachable.


Athletic Structures

Not every athletic structure is a stadium. They also cover school stadiums, fitness centres, and play areas that need to account for features such as bleachers, kiosks, or storage and aspects such as visitor safety.



When sourcing a commercial fit-out company, it’s imperative to let your options in on exactly what it is you need and are looking for. Consider getting in touch with a construction project management team should you need help in your commercial construction and design projects!


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