Suspended Ceiling Solutions in West Sussex

StanLil Provide Suspended Ceiling Solutions in West Sussex

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Right across our home county of West Sussex there are homes, business, shops and office spaces with suspended ceiling systems fitted by StanLil Contractors. Over the past fifteen years we’ve seen a steady rise in demand for the ‘drop ceiling’ which is maybe due to the proliferation of cabling which now powers the multiple devices we use on a daily basis, but is also to do with the ease of installation they afford, and the flexibility of design which continues to develop in both texture and colour.

Why Choose Suspended Ceiling Solutions in West Sussex?

We have learnt, over the past fifteen years, that every client brings us different needs and requirements, but when it comes to suspended ceilings there are a number of advantages that the majority of our customers are seeking when they enquire after them:

Clutter-Free Space – every home, office and retail outlet now needs to accommodate plumbing, wiring, ducts and a clutter of networking cables – preferably out of view. A false ceiling creates new space for this purpose, whist maintaining an easy accessibility to the hidden features for repairs.

Design – a suspended ceiling is far from a purely utilitarian choice! The choice of textures now includes wood, tiling and metal finish, whilst the colour range challenges even the liveliest imagination. Drop ceilings are quick and easy to install which means that as fashions change, so can your décor – and there’s no waiting around for plaster to dry; a suspended ceiling system is an instant design enhancement to your space.

Acoustic Enhancement – fitting a false ceiling improves the acoustic qualities of your space because, unlike traditional ceilings, it absorbs sound rather than bouncing sound off the surface of the plaster. An added advantage is that adjoining rooms also benefit from the innate sound absorption.

High Humidity Resistance – At StanLil we have fitted a number of suspended ceiling systems in bathrooms. Why? Because a suspended ceiling is designed to resist bacteria which leads to mould and mildew!

Fire Resistance and Energy Efficiency – all suspended ceiling systems are flame resistant and they could help with your heating bills! Drop ceilings help to insulate space, making the home or office environment eco-friendlier.

Looking for Advice on Suspended Ceiling Solutions in West Sussex?

A false ceiling offers a transformative potential to your space, whether it’s at work or at home; whether you want a split-level design or clean, contemporary lines. Our contractors are highly experienced suspended ceiling grid installers and would be happy to offer advice and ideas before you make your decision. 

Skills, Experience and Professionalism: these are the qualities you can expect from StanLil Contractors. Give us a call on 01243 558075 for suspended ceiling options in West Sussex, or for further info on all our interior solutions.