Office Building Conversion to Residential

Office Building Conversion to Residential

StanLil Provides Office Building Conversion to Residential

Drive into any large city and you’ll see iconic industrial buildings that are now home for seekers of urban chic. Now the trend is moving to erstwhile office buildings. Over the past 10 years the swing towards working from home has led to a drop in the use of commercial buildings. They’re now being snapped up by developers who are converting them into smart apartment blocks.

The UK is currently facing a 4 million shortfall in housing, so the repurposing of redundant buildings is now big business. In the past two years over 31,000 homes in England alone have been created in this way.

Office to Residential Fit Out

StanLil have recently worked on a number of commercial conversions from office to residential fit outs This often means starting with a series of shell units which have to be transformed into attractive, luxury apartments. As specialist interior fit out contractors we have a good deal of experience in this kind of project. The developer will ask us to manage the process of creating homes out of the raw construction material.

Conversion Services – Category A Fit Out

We would normally divide the fit out process in to Category A, and Category B. The former describes the creation of a blank canvas for living. It includes:

  • Raised floors and ceilings
  • Electrical installation
  • Fire Alarms
  • Security systems
  • Wall and ceiling finishes
  • External rendering

Key to both Cat A and Cat B is the presence of a professional project manager. They will plan the schedule, manage to specialist teams, maintain deadlines, and keep to the budget set.

Conversion Services – Category B Fit Out

When converting office space to residential apartments, the Category B fit out is where the units start to look like living spaces. The blank canvas is created and now we put in place the colours, textures and fittings that define domestic space. This requires a different set of skills to the Category A stage. It would normally include a selection of the following:

  • Flooring finis
  • Lighting fittings
  • Wall and ceiling finishes
  • Carpentry and joinery
  • Partitioning
  • Coving and Cornices

StanLil is an Experienced Fit Out Company

With over two decades of experience, working across the UK, StanLil can be trusted to manage high quality fit outs for commercial conversions. Having worked in a vast range of fit out environments, from factories to homes, to shops and schools, we’re well-placed to take responsibility for the complex management this kind of work requires.

The StanLil team always place ‘clear communication’ at the heart of every project. Often we have a number of specialist teams working on a converted office space at one time, and being on top of the operation is crucial. Our priority is always to come in to the deadline and on budget in any fit out we take on.


If you are converting office space to residential apartments and you require a top quality fit out contractor, call StanLil on 01243 558075