Glass Partitions London

Glass Partitions London

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StanLil Contractors Installs Glass Partitions London

Glass partitioning is one of our most popular products for use in the home, office or retail space. One reason for this could be the increasing frequency with which they’re featuring in TV design shows. They appear to have caught the public imagination because glass walls are providing a more structured approach to open-plan living. And they look stunning! The StanLil design and installation team love working with glass partitioning, so we’re delighted with this recent trend!

If you haven’t yet thought about using glass partitions to transform your interior space, here are some of the ways we’ve been working with this inspiring material.

Glass Partitions for Offices

21st century work is changing the way we design London office interiors. The fluidity of contemporary working practices requires an office space without traditional office walls. Glass partitions provide discrete spaces that signal inclusivity whilst also maintaining privacy. Full height glass partitions, with or without frames, create an elegant, minimalist aesthetic.

One of the major advantages of using glass partitioning in the office is the quality of light it produces. It’s translucency enhances the natural light available, and increases the flow of light throughout the office space. Recent polling and research has shown that natural light is highly valued by employees, and can improve productivity by as much as 20%.

The StanLil team regularly use glass partitioning to create unique working environments for London businesses. Best of all, we have a reputation for installing quickly, and cost-effectively.

Domestic Glass Partitions London

For decades now, London families have been enjoying the spatial freedom, natural light and flexibility that open-plan living environments offer. We’ve also recognised that there are disadvantages to removing the dividing walls. There’s the difficulty of heating them effectively and the rapid spread of unchecked cooking smells.

Glass dividing walls offer an elegant solution to open-plan problems. They maintain the flow of natural light, but offer a barrier to noise pollution, and kitchen aromas. The range of domestic glass partitions, featuring the stylish use of frames, guarantees character and definition for your living space. These glazed additions to your room allow you to make optimum use of your space without losing your open-plan ambiance.

Many of the glass walls the StanLil team install are in response to the changing needs of a household. Often the task is to create a home office, or a den for growing kids.

Glass Partitions for Retail Spaces

StanLil has a reputation for creatively transforming London retail spaces fast and efficiently. One of the key components in our success is glass walling. High end retail is all about creating an experience for clients. This requires the imaginative use of light, space and architectural features. Where space is limited, glass partitions provide an extension by defining discrete areas within the whole.

The glass allows us to work creatively with light in retail spaces, and ‘window films’ provide textured contrasts across the design environment. Best of all, glass partitions can be fitted fast and efficiently. They’re also supremely flexible and easy to change.

Why Choose StanLil for Glass Partitions London?

We’re a specialist interior contractors that’s been providing high quality interior services to businesses, homes and retail settings across London for over a decade. We take pride in the quality of craftsmanship we bring to every job. And we guarantee that we’ll achieve our consistently high standards fast, efficiently and at a competitive price.