StanLil: Main Contractor In Construction

Covid-19 Update

It has now been a month since the UK Government imposed restrictions on movement and the trading of certain ‘non-essential’ businesses. Since this time, it has been a challenging time for everyone as we all adapt to new working conditions, new education methods for children and restricted options for socialising and outdoor activities.

No industry has been immune to these changes, not least the construction industry which has experienced confusion over whether work can be undertaken given social distancing measures. At StanLil, we are still operating under these ‘social distancing’ measures and we are still available for a range of projects.

Once the enforced shutdown measures are eased, some projects may require a new direction or a new team to continue the work. StanLil are happy to take on part-completed projects and see them through to completion. We also have a history of working with the NHS and the Healthcare industry to provide valuable and essential solutions.

If you are looking for a main contractor to continue your existing project, or wish to discuss a potential project with us then do get in contact with us by email or call us on 01243 558075 and we will be happy to offer our advice.